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UNTIL TREVOR by Aurora Rose Reynolds

(Until #2)
by Aurora Rose Reynolds
ARC review
Published: December 20, 2013

My Rating: 4.5 of 5 ⭐️

So it may not have been the best idea to first stick his hand down her panties, and then run off like he was being chased, but Trevor Mayson had convinced himself he was only doing it to protect her. Of course it didn't help that in the weeks after he had done everything possible to increase the already gaping divide between them even more. It didn't matter how attracted he was to his friend Liz, he wasn't about to take advantage of an innocent!!

Mortified is probably still too mild a word for what Liz Hayes was feeling after Trevor took off on her, thinking she was a virgin, never allowing her to rectify that wrong impression. Fine. He could have it his way, along with all the skanks he had paraded in front of her after that! She wasn't going to hold her breath just to have him hurt her again like that. One chance was all he was going to get. Except he doesn't seem to agree.....

When her brother takes off with the contents of her bank account, Liz has no choice but to take on extra work to make up for the loss, but when Trevor finds out where it is she is working, he suddenly re asserts himself in her life. Liz is not impressed, not having forgotten the hurt she felt when he up and left her last time and then proceeded to ignore her for months and now he thinks he can come back and dictate her decisions? Trevor tries to sell it off as friends looking after each other, but he can't lie to himself and he knows he is in deep with Liz, both in terms of his feelings for her and his screw up with her.

He makes sure he clear with his intentions this time and sets out to follow through on all of them. Not quite believing anything out of Trevor's mouth,  Liz is determined to resist anything she believes is simply a means to get her to concede. But slowly she is starting to see a new side to Trevor and if Trevor was ever possible to resist, now he is completely devastatingly irresistible!


SWOON!!! Sweet, hot, ALL alpha!!

Ms. Reynolds gives us another Mayson brother, this one with a slightly different twist from the first. Trevor comes across as a bit of a player, who runs at the sight of a 'good girl'. Except, who he thinks of as the good girl, is not as unspoiled as he suspects, Lack of communication will do that to you! 

Trevor is the quintessential alpha male, once he has his eye set on something, or in this case someone, nothing will stand in his way. Any obstacle becomes a problem to be solved, any objection an argument to be won. And he has finally decided he wants Liz and will do what it takes and wait however long to make it happen.

Not having seen a great track record from the men in her life, and not having seen any better evidence from Trevor thus far, Liz is not buying into it. She allowed Trevor to penetrate her carefully erected shield once before, only to have things blow up in her face, so she wasn't about to expose herself to that again voluntarily. But therein lies the crux, where Trevor is concerned, very little is voluntary on her's more like she is compelled!!

Fabulous character growth throughout the book, a slow building of deserved trust, and a very realistic reflection of handeling building relationship issues. The support cast is great, we see some reappearances from the first book UNTIL NOVEMBER and get glimpses at a future release, UNTIL LILLY. We also have a nice backstory that helps put things in the right context. 

Aurora Rose Reynolds is most definitely a force to be reconnect with with this series!! Her books read smooth and flawless, with a steady and secure rhythm that steadily moves you from beginning to end, not allowing you time to put the book down or get distracted in any way. Very well written!!

An intense, sensuous & irresistible quest for submission. ✨

**ARC provided in return for an honest review.** Barnes&Noble



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