Monday, January 13, 2014

HOT ZONE by Anne Marsh

(Hot Shots #2)
by Anne Marsh
ARC Review
Published: January 16, 2014, Kensington Books

My rating: 4 of 5 ⭐️

She is only 300 miles from where her trouble started, but Sarah Jo feels pretty safe in the fire camp near Strong, California, where she had landed a job as cook in a diner. Not that she could cook really, but she was trying to make it look good and there was a lot of eye candy to keep her occupied. In particular Dade, second in command at the camp, was a big hunk of a man. But looking was all she would do, because men were definitely off the menu for her.

Walking into the diner after a jump seemed to brighten smoke jumper, Dade Johnson's days even more than normal. He had a feeling it had something to do with the arrival of one Sarah Jo at the diner. Couldn't cook to save her life, but she tried with gusto and had looks and attitude that put a smile on his face. So when he walks into the diner frustrated to have been called off a fire for a forced break, he doesn't hesitate to respond in kind when Sarah Jo suddenly plasters herself against him and kisses the living day lights out of him.

She took the dare and kissed him, but Sarah Jo hadn't expected him to kiss her back like that! nor had she expected to lose all sense of where she was while he was doing it. Determined to keep trouble from finding her in the camp, she tries to keep her distance from Dade, but he has had one taste and apparently that is not enough. Now that the sparks have flared, there is no holding back the fire.....


A hot little number!!!!

As always with Anne Marsh books action and steamy romance is abundantly present. The story is fairly short and fast-paced, but despite that we still get a decent amount of necessary backstory and context.

Sarah Jo is a plucky and slightly unconventional woman hiding from an ex who has a long reach and it makes her a bit mistrusting of men in general, but those in any kind of uniform or position of authority in particular. She isn't so willing to share her troubles after having the tables turned on her the first time she tried doing that. Keeping her secrets to herself seems safest, except Dade seems to catch on to things easier than most.

Never needing more than a place to put his head at night, a good meal in his stomach and spending his days doing what he loves, fighting fire, Dade's needs aren't that complicated. So he is a bit surprised to find himself feeling protecting and territorial when it comes to Sarah Jo. She is making him want things he had never considered himself in the market for. Always a dominant man, he even felt quite comfortable playing on equal footing and respecting her boundaries.

The heat is on in this book for sure! Once these two have had a taste of each other, they can't seem to get enough. Playing it off as temporary physical release seems to be the easier label to give it, but both can sense that there is more bubbling under the surface. 

Great speed and flow in the story, never a moment's rest for the reader. Anne has the ability to compact a complete story into a limited number of pages. Of course the development of events is therefore faster than might commonly occur, but that is to be expected.

✨Fast, fiery, roaring and racy!!✨

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