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TEXAS HOLD 'EM (Hotter in Texas #3) by Christie Craig

(Hotter in Texas #3)
by Christie Craig
ARC review
Published: January 28, 2014, Forever

My rating: 4 of 5 ⭐️

After spending 18 months in jail, framed for a murder he didn't commit, ex-cop Austin Brook was itching to get his pound of flesh from the man who put him there, Rafael DeLuna. He no longer had the patience to try and lure his target out from the rock he was hiding under and was determined to start actively looking. But the only lead available was DeLuna's half-sister, who according to all appearances, has no ties to DeLuca his criminal dealings.

Frustrated that once again her baby brother, Luis, won't answer her calls, Leah Reece tries to get through the day at her veterenarian's clinic without worrying too much. Her new neighbour, Austin, could be a nice distraction.....that is, if she were in the market for a man. With her track record and men, she best keep her distance. But when a break-in in her apartment is interrupted by Austin, her worry for her brother and concern for her neighbour temporarily weaken her resolve.

Austin had not expected the small gorgeous brunette to have such an effect on him, but something about her made it difficult to keep his focus on the job and his hands and lips off her. Although Leah was skittish, she seemed to be just as affected by him. But she was also obviously keeping secrets and seemed to be in some trouble. Not that Austin was telling the truth, but he had a job to do, even if it became more difficult by the minute to remember.

When DeLuna feels the heat of the investigation closing in on him, he turns on his half-siblings, and Austin has to take extreme measures to keep Leah safe. But in the process he blows his cover and may lose the one thing that has become more important to him than his pound of flesh......


LOVE those Texas boys!!!!

It has been SUCH a long time since I last read a Christie Craig novel and I had forgotten how much I enjoyed her writing!!! So glad I spotted this one and grabbed it, it read so familiar and comfortable. I have always enjoyed the way Christie manages to interject tight suspense with moments of hilarity, and she does it again in this book!

Both Leah and Austin seem reasonably well adjusted folks, but they come with quite a bit of emotional baggage in addition to the mess that brought them together in this book. Baggage that wreaks havoc in their budding relationship (other than the lying bit, which doesn't help either!!). Each has some abandonment issues left over from childhood and nothing thus far in their adult lives have really shown them anything different. They (of course) don't communicate clearly and interpret the other's words and signals to confirm what they believe to be reality. Communication, or rather lack thereof, is always the culprit!! Luckily, these two have a few smart people around who end up knocking some sense into them, so you can safely expect a HEA.

One note: this book is in fact a twofer!! I am not telling you anything about the second couple, we'll leave something to the imagination...but you get not one, but TWO HEA's with this novel!!

Great action, sweat romance and some mild heat, sprinkled with the occasional moment of tension-relieving humour - and you have a fabulous fun read!!!

A stirring, animated and touching search for retribution.

**ARC provided by NetGalley and Forever in return for an honest review.**  Kobo Barnes&Noble



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