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LOVING CARA - Kristen Proby

(Love Under The Big Sky)
by Kristen Proby
ARC Review
Published: January 21, 2014, Pocket Books

My rating: 4.5 of 5 ⭐️

Cara Donovan has never wanted to live anywhere else. She is perfectly satisfied right where she is, so taking on a summer tutoring job in town is not a hardship. Finding out the difficult boy she is supposed to look after is the nephew of one Josh King, might be. Not that she doesn't like Josh, she might like him a little too much, and the waves and short hello's they've shared over the years have suited her just fine. 

Josh barely recognizes Cara when she arrives at his house to tutor his nephew. She seems more outgoing and not quite as shy, even prettier than in high school. His interest is immediate and he doesn't hesitate to let her know. But bruised by years of teasing and weary of his reputation as a ladies' man, Cara wards off Josh' flirtations with a shake of her head and tries to set up boundaries. 

When Josh sees something he wants he goes after it, and Cara is finding that out first hand. Not that she is resisting very hard after the first taste of his kiss. And when unforeseen circumstances put her in even closer proximity than the half days of tutoring, there is no holding back the sexual tension that explodes between them. 

But when old insecurities and family pressures puts tension on this blossoming relationship, will they be able to withstand the strain?


In turn mellow and sweet, to then turn fiery and hot!!

Kristen Proby's writing is as comfortable as a frequently washed quilt....and that is NOT an insult!! Take it from a quilter! Smooth and flowing, rich and warm and at times so darn hot, sweat breaks out all over the body!!!

This is not an angsty book, there are no huge deep dark skeletons in the closet. There may be in future books judging by some of the preparatory work done on the supporting characters of this story, but Josh and Cara seem to be all American goodness. And they loooooove their bedroom (and anywhere, really!) antics!! 

The most insightful bit of writing centres around Seth, Josh' nephew, who is the cause for Cara and Josh' 'reunion'. His story among all the adults is the truly sad one and he is lucky he has landed with people who care about him, including Cara, who may not be related by blood, but quickly forms a bond of trust and love with the boy that seems to jump start him in the right direction.

Cara, although perhaps a tad naive in matters of the heart, is open and insightful and smart. She is able to read both Seth and his situation quite well. The one she has a harder time with, at least when it comes to his interest in her, is Josh. But that has more to do with her self image than it does with any vibes Josh puts out there. He teaches her to look at herself in a different light over time, and she becomes a stronger person for it.

Josh has always been a very responsible guy. Even though he has a bit of a reputation, not really deserved, he grew up knowing that running the family farm was something he would be doing. His focus has never wavered from that and he carries the load with great responsibility. Until Cara came along, he was content having one day move into the next. Now, he is learning, with her and with Seth, to seek out the happy moments, and there are plenty of them.

I have such high hopes for this series! The manner in which the secondary characters have been outlined in this book bodes very well for an increased 'activity' in the novels to follow. Probable pairings have been made, tentative steps set. And I am left waiting for the next instalment..............♥️

✨No adrenaline rush, but a smile and a blush.......✨

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