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BOLD TRICKS by Karina Halle

BOLD TRICKS by Karina Halle
Advanced Reading Copy
Published: October 15th, 2013, Forever (Grand Central Publishing)

My rating: 5 of 5 ⭐️

Elli Watt feels like she is stuck between a rock and a hard place.......literally. So much has happened she can barely keep her head on straight, and now she is stuck between two men who have all but torn her heart to pieces. Javier is her past, she can no longer trust him. He has used her once too many times and whatever soul he may have once possessed, has long since disappeared. Camden is her future, he was all goodness, but she is afraid she may have brought darkness and damage to his heart. So much so, she isn't sure he will recover. Here she is, between these two men, the three of them still chasing down the monster who started it all.

Travis Raines has disappeared into South America, protected by his cartel and taking with him Ellie's mother and her good friend Gus. Javier has the connections to find out where he is hiding and Ellie and Camden have no choice but to go along if they want to get Ellie's loved ones back. That doesn't mean they have to trust Javier. Surviving several cartel attacks, the trio plus a handful of enforcements end up trudging through jungle to get to Travis' hiding place, when once again the rug is pulled out from under. And both Camden and Ellie are forced to make choices that could have a permanent impact.

In the end, it all comes down to one final showdown, where faith, trust and love are tested and tried, and redemption can be found.


It was a GRAND finale!!!! OMG.... so friggin exciting from beginning to end!!! You have to read every single book of this series in sequence...... I'm gonna do it again in a few months, but then back to back......and it'll be orgasmic!!!!

I thought Javier was completely gone. Lost to the dark side in this final episode. His was such a tragic decline, but the sick darkness that was there from the beginning just grew like a cancer when there was no light in his life to balance it. No morals, no ethics, and any residue feelings were easily shoved aside in favour of the dark and vengeful lunacy that ruled him. In the end, however, a surprising moment of lucidity, an instant of humanity where a just moral choice was his. And he took it.

Amazing Camden. I hurt for someone who is forced by circumstance to darken his soul by stepping so far outside of his comfort zone, he is crossing every one of his moral boundaries. But Camden gives it all for love, because for him life without Ellie or his son would be meaningless. His transformation over the course of this trilogy is dramatic. He becomes a true 'protector' of what is his, his woman, his any and all cost. The heart of an artist, the soul of a warrior.

From an angry, bitter and vengeful scrap of a con-artist, Elli went through a confused phase when dark and light battled inside her, to eventually morph into a woman who craved light and happiness, willing to let go demons of her past. But when those demons weren't willing to let go of her and hers, she was strong enough to fight back and stand for the future she now wanted to believe in with all her heart. Even if that future was not guaranteed, she was willing to put all of herself out there, just to have a chance. 

I have loved these characters so much.... Karina Halle has managed to create three completely different people and allow them to evolve around each other, each keeping their own integrity, but influenced by each of the others. The plot and suspence where once again so intense, I was unable to find an appropriate spot to put the book down, so I just kept reading until I was done. Absolutely phenomenal read!!!

✨Exceptional, edgy, stimulating and emotional thrillride!!✨

**ARC courtesy of NetGalley and Grand Central Publishing, in return for an honest review.**

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