Tuesday, October 29, 2013

NO ESCAPE (Texas Rangers) by Mary Burton

NO ESCAPE (Texas Rangers) 
by Mary Burton
Advanced Reading Copy
Published: October 29, 2013, Zebra Books

My rating: 4.5 of 5 ⭐️

Texas Ranger, Brody Winchester, had been successful years ago in putting serial killer Harvey Day Smith behind bars, but had never been able to find out where the last three of his thirteen victims had been buried. So when he heard Smith was dying of cancer and had indicated he wanted to talk, he could not have been more surprised. Except when he found out the killer had requested a specific confessor; Dr. Jo Granger, with whom Brody had some history.

Occasionally called upon for a consult, Psychologist Jo Granger didn't find it unusual to get a surprise visit from a Texas Ranger, but she never thought she would see the ex-husband she hadn't seen in 14 years. Nothing if not professional, she agrees to cooperate in the last ditch effort to find out where Harvey Smith left his last three victims, but that is not the only secret Smith parts with. 

Harvey Smith enjoys toying with his counterparts' heads and has hand picked Dr. Granger for that reason specifically it seems. After suggesting his death might not mean the end of the killing, since he trained his apprentice well, and a new body has been found, the investigation has suddenly turned active once again. Except this time, it seems that Jo has a connection with the victims.

Trying hard to work past their painful history, Brody and Jo find themselves drawing closer together in their attempts to find this elusive apprentice before he strikes again. And when the threat turns on Jo and her family, Brody is in a race to keep the woman it turns out he still loves alive.


Holy CHILLS!!!

What a deliciously spine-shivering suspense this is!! I love Mary Burton's books, she really has the evil and warped mind pegged. I love the back story here as well, a little bit of a poignant romantic history between the protagonists to give us some potential spark and heat, as well as an intricately woven plot with a shocking outcome.

A capable and multi-faceted Jo, presents as strong and professional, but hides a lingering insecurity that reaches far back into childhood. Something that can become a weak spot when detected.

Protective and responsible, Brody has one huge regret in life, for which he finally has an opportunity to apologize. Not enough, he sets out to prove the true intent behind his words.

Shocking family revelations give this story an additional dimension to pull it from the dark into the disturbing realm, and make for an intense read. But the red thread of a rekindled romance in the background gentles the harshest edges.

A creepy and bone-chilling romantic thriller.✨

**ARC courtesy of NetGalley and Zebra Books in return for an honest review.**

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