Friday, October 4, 2013

NOT QUITE ENOUGH by Catherine Bybee

by Catherine Bybee
Advanced Reading Copy
Published: October 8, 2013, Montlake Romance

My rating: 4 of 5 ⭐️

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When an earthquake and tsunami hit the coast of Jamaica, Monica Mann is one of the first trauma nurses to finally make good on her training with Borderless Nurses. Glad to be away from the ER where she has to deal with her boss who has taken an inexplicable dislike to her, and the occasional run in with a colleague she just broke off a short involvement with, Monica doesn't hesitate for a minute before making the necessary calls that put her on the first plane into the disaster zone. 

Trent Fairchild retreated to Jamaica in self-exile, still struggling with the death of his parents and trying to come to terms with his place in the family business he left his brothers to manage back home. In Jamaica he manages a small tourist transportation fleet of helicopters! and spends most his time flying! his favorite pastime. When the quake hit, and Trent was sure his house was still standing and secure for the moment, he immediately went into action flying supplies and rescue efforts into difficult to access areas.

From the moment Trent has the blonde nurse, shaking for fear of flying, in the co-pilot seat next to him, he knew she would be difficult to forget. Monica had a hard time trying to think of any one thing at all, her mind was full of all the destruction and despair coming at her from all sides. With barely any time to eat or sleep, the next few days go by in a blur, with only the occasional encounter with helicopter pilot, Trent leaving any kind of positive vibe behind. 

When one of the doctor's insists Monica take a full day off and catch up on sleep and rest, Trent offers his house, a shower and a proper bed. Monica is too tired to resist, either the offer of a good night's rest, which she indulges in, nor giving in to the sexual attraction that has been simmering between them, after she wakes up. But when large aftershocks of the earthquake suddenly trap Trent and Monica in a situation they cannot escape from, they suddenly become victims instead of rescuers.

Being forced together under life and death circumstances makes people more vulnerable, exposed and open to extreme emotions. Is that what is happening between a Monica and Trent? As time stretches on and needs become more dire, is what they feel true?


A very intense, dramatic and poignant story, stirring memories of newscasts of recent earthquakes and flooding all over the planet.  Although here in this book, it merely provides a backdrop, it is done in such a way, that the devastation and confusion is a constant underlying awareness throughout the entire story, painting a chilling picture for the observer. Not sensationalized, not trivialized, but honest and horrible, and how I would imagine things might have been in all those places affected in these natural disasters. Catherine Bybee makes that experience real for us.

Monica is a bit of a loner, who aside from her sister, hasn't really had cause to trust many people in her she doesn't. Whatever connections she makes, she fully expects to be temporary, she is not used to people sticking around and so she doesn't know how to fight for someone either. All she knows is how to fight for herself, because that is something she has become good at. Although in the end, out of sheer self preservation, she finally learns to ask for help, when she recognizes she is in over her head.

Trent carries guilt like a shield, which he uses as justification for his self-exile. Not just from the company and his brothers, but also from any possible relationships. He takes any and every little excuse as justification for his misconception and then proceeds to retreat to his exile once again. Yet another one who has never fought for something he wanted, but Trent doesn't even fight for himself. He doesn't feel deserving. 

Both have a lot of issues around communication and presumption that cause problems that need not exist. But, when push comes to shove, and solitary life suddenly doesn't taste as good anymore, common sense comes to the rescue once again!!

I really enjoyed this book, with its many facets. Good solid action, great humanitarian effort, adventure and survival and to top it off a hot steamy and dramatic romance.......can't ask for much more!!

✨An exciting, engaging and enticing adventure!✨

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