Tuesday, October 15, 2013


by Samanthe Beck
Advanced Reading Copy
Published: October 28th, 2013, Entangled: Brazen

My rating: 4 of 5 ⭐️

When Chloe managed to get herself into a bit of a pickle involving candles and handcuffs, the last person she hoped would come to her rescue was the 'nice young man' from next door she heard so much about. But there he was, helicopter pilot Michael McCade, a Major to boot, and all deliciously hot and hard bodied. Not exactly the kind of first introduction she had envisioned.

Growing up in a broken down military family and after her own let-down of a marriage, Chloe Kincaid was resigned to avoid setting down roots anywhere. She was happy taking short term assignments as a massage therapist and travelling from place to place, never living anywhere long enough to completely unpack her duffelbags.

Having been grounded because of a slipped disc in his spine, Michael McCade is starting to climb the walls not being able to fly and about ready to do whatever it takes. Even if it means finally going to see the massage therapist his doctor has been urging him to go to. But when he finds his gorgeous neighbour, whom he found in a somewhat compromising position the night before, as his therapist, he almost beelines it back out the door. 

When their combustible attraction leaves them in a somewhat unprofessional and compromising position when Rory's boss walks in, the implications are disastrous. Losing her assignment and the roof over her head, Rory takes Michael up on his offer of temporary lodging. But to protect his good standing and chances for clearance to fly, she will have to pretend to be his fiancee. 

Thrown together, Michael, who is ready to settle down and not getting involved with a fly-by-night, and Rory who is not looking for permanent, cannot seem to stay away from each other and only become more attached. Until the day Michael's clearance to fly comes and Rory gets her new assignment......


Exactly what I would expect from one of the Brazen publications: catchy, sweet and all kinds of hot and sweaty!!!

An all man Alpha, brought down by a painful injury........one that only the pretty girl next door can fix. What could be more delicious than that!

Michael has had enough of the fast and loose lifestyle and is looking to set down some roots. No longer satisfied with occasional hookups, he is thinking in terms of a bigger picture now and does everything he can to keep to the straight and narrow. Confronted with Rory's somewhat unorthodox lifestyle, he has to loosen the tight military structure he has grown accustomed to, in order to make room for his forever.

Unfortunately, because of her negative life experiences, Rory doesn't believe in long term anymore, especially when it comes to military men. She thinks she is protecting herself, but she is really allowing her parents' bad marriage to hold her back from pursuing her own happiness. It takes a while for her to see that her parents' failed marriage was not so much about the military, as was about her parents. Once she realizes that, and acknowledges the depth of her feelings for Michael, the rest comes easy.

✨A light, taut, deliciously sexy read!!✨

**ARC received from Entangled: Brazen in return for an honest review.**

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