Friday, October 18, 2013

SPY IN THE SADDLE (HQ: Texas) by Dana Marton

by Dana Marton
Advanced Reading Copy
Published: November 1, 2013, Harlequin Intrigue

My rating: 4 of 5 ⭐️

When Shep Lewis hears that an FBI agent is going to join their covert government operation by the name of Lilly Tanner, he never thought it could  be the same Lilly who about ruined his life just ten years before. But there was no mistaking the woman who walked into their offices and set her eyes on him in obvious recognition. The little hellion was not so little anymore.

Lilly had been eager for this assignment when she spotted Shep's name on the list of operators, she wanted an opportunity to apologize for the trouble she caused him, but also in part to show him that she had made something of herself after all. Finding out the extend of the damage she had left behind took all the cockiness out of her, however.

Working together is going to be a bit of a challenge, since ten years does not seem to have diminished their mutual attraction one bit. Good thing that they are constantly kept on high alert in the middle of a smuggling operation, complicated with the threat of terrorists and weapons coming accross the border along the same route.

But when their undercover explorations puts them in danger, their feelings can no longer be denied and those long dormant sparks flare into full fire. They will now have to fight to stay alive and save each other.....


Although not with quite the same impact as Dana Marton's previous book in the series MY SPY, this story once again blends a strong suspense story line full of action, with a softer more emotional and insightful romantic tale.

I didn't get to know enough about Shep. There didn't seem to be sufficient context for me to properly connect with him, although quite an appealing character on the surface, I didn't really figure out what makes him tick........why he is how he is. Shep's lingering feelings of responsibility for Lilly initially rule and overshadow his everpresent attraction, until he experiences first hand how much Lilly has developed and strengthened. Then he is able to put his full trust in her, both professionally and personally and lets loose on his passion.

I got a better look at Lilly, who didn't have the happiest of childhoods and ended up in the system, leaving her with understandable feelings of unworthiness and unwantedness. Shep never made her feel that way.....not ten years ago and not now. Lilly always had a strong physical response to Shep and finds it more difficult now to keep her hormones in check. Back then she was not ready for all he represented, she needed time to come into her own, although her feelings have never changed, her outlook and her attitude have. She is ready, willing and able!!

Dana Marton is very knowledgeable about standard police and FBI operating procedures and such details always make for clean and flawless investigative stories. Although Shep's unit skims the edges of proper procedure on a regular basis, the fact that they do, is clearly pointed out. It is one of the reasons Ms. Marton's books are such a pleasure to read. It is obvious a tremendous amount of appropriate research has been done, which is always a compliment to a discerning reader.

A good, solid, quick and stimulating read by Dana Marton, who never disappoints.

✨Fast-paced, steamy-hot and action-packed!!✨

**ARC provided in return for an honest review**

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