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CLAIMED BY THE PACK (Blue Moon Brides) by Anne Marsh

CLAIMED BY THE PACK (Blue Moon Brides) 
by Anne Marsh
Advanced Reading Copy
Published: October 13, 2013, Anne Marsh

My rating: 4.5 of 5 ⭐️

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On the night of the Blue Moon, Dag Breaux is sent by the Alpha of his pack to find his mate in order to keep from changing to a full wolf. Once his mate is found, he will be able to continue shifting between his human and his wolf state. The woman he finds is being stalked by one of the ancient vampires roaming the bayous. Being a consumate Alpha, Dag wants to jump in and protect, but finds that the woman in not one to easily submit. She is feisty and capable, but also holds great passion, and passion is something Dag knows how to handle, because words and feelings are alien to him.  

Working in a small town in the Bayou as a mechanic has suited Riley Jones just fine. She has always wanted to be out from under her brothers' protective yoke and knows how to take care of herself. Although falling in the hands of that vampire was not her best move. But now she was stuck with a huge wolfman, who could barely utter a word, but could make her melt with just a grunt or a glint of his eyes. And he insists on protecting 'his mate', claiming that is her. Well, she is all for the hot monkey sex he is offering, but has some serious questions about the 'mate' portion of the deal. She isn't sure she is ready to throw her life away to follow a wolf to his den, especially one so out of touch with his feelings!


It never ceases to amaze me how one writer can completely change your view on an entire genre of books. 

Never a fan of shape-shifter stories, or vampire stories for that matter (with the exclusion of J.R. Ward!!), I found myself a little skeptical picking up this book. But being of the mind that it is better to get the hard things over with first, I tore right into it...........and never stopped until I was all done and so sated, I needed a drink, a smoke and a nap!!!! Holy friggin' jambalaya!!! If you promise me a Dag Breaux.....or a wolf like him in every shape-shifter story.......I will committ to reading them ALL!!! With the stipulation that Anne has to write them. Boy, that woman can do a sex scene..... what am I saying. She can do sexual tension that would burn blisters in 100-year old plaster!!

Dag Breaux is a wolf mostly, who only now is finding good use for his man side. Never really having had any experience communicating much of anything, other than being led by and acting on natural instinct, needing to explain himself or his actions, is completely alien to him. But he recognizes the need for it and is even able to communicate to some extent, his 'feelings' through some physical communication. His needs remain simple, he has found his mate, he needs her with him, needs to protect her, and needs to keep her by his side.....everything else becomes secondary.

Riley Jones is a bit of a mystery and prefers to keep overbearing males at a distance. In part to guard her secret, and in part because the last thing she needs is another man, in addition to her brothers, trying to control her life. Secretly, she enjoys the kind of protection Dag provides and she realizes it is not at all the same as her overbearing brothers, but she is determined not to give up the independence she has fought hard for. Riley isn't stupid though, and she considers that a strong shifter by her side may not be such a bad thing.

A fairly short book, this story offers a full range of reading pleasure and you will absolutely not feel short-changed in any way.

✨Absolutely was sucked into the sultry bayou heat of this story!!✨ 

**ARC received in return for an honest review.**

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