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HEATING UP THE HOLIDAYS 3-Story Bundle by Lisa Renee Jones, Mary AnnRivers, Serena Bell

3-Story Bundle
PLAY WITH ME: Lisa Renee Jones
SNOWFALL: Mary Ann Rivers

Advanced Reading Copy 
Published: October 28, 2013, Loveswept

My overall rating average:  4.5 of 5 ⭐️

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PLAY WITH ME, Lisa Renee Jones:  4 of 5 ⭐️

A fantastically steamy story of a reporter, Kali Miller, who came to Las Vegas to put distance between herself and a past best left behind. Hard up for money, she starts a well-paying job as executive secretary in a casino for Damion Ward, an apparently difficult and demanding CEO.

Damion has had a hard time hanging on to a secretary since he stepped in as CEO. It seems he does nothing but put out fires and deal with emergencies. He hopes Kali will stick around, at least she seems less than intimidated by him which is a good start.

While working together on an important charity fundraiser, Kali starts seeing a different Damion, a more relaxed and attentive man and what was a slow simmering attraction explodes into a full fledged affair and puts both of their jobs on the line, unless they find a way to reign in their raging libidos.

✨Spunky, sexy and tempting!✨


SNOWFALL, Mary Ann Rivers:  5 of 5 ⭐️

Once again, WOW to Mary Ann Rivers. What an amazing talent!!

In this story, Jenny Wright is dealing with the slow loss of her eyesight due to a debilitating disease, while trying to hang on to her career in research as a microbiologist, which she loves. She has slowly retreated socially and has connected online with a man she knows only as "C". Aside from some daily banter, she ends up engaging in flirting and some erotic conversations with him.

The only other regipular social connection she has is with her occupational therapist Evan, who is supposed to help her adjust to the loss of her vision, to which she has been highly resistant. 
Evan Carlisle-Ford is more than taken with Jenny and falling for her which he feels is getting in the way of his effectiveness in helping her transition.

Jenny finds herself torn between the challenge of her attraction to Evan and the virtual anonymity and security of her dalliance with the elusive "C".

Mary Ann Rivers describes a beautiful but painful journey to acceptance of an inevitable outcome. There is so much important insight offered in this story in terms of the power of attitude when it comes to dealing with health issues, especially those of a chronic or inevitable nature. The fear and resentment of needing to recalibrate yourself in order to move forward is enough to paralyze those of us struck with some form of disability, into a semblance of paralysis. An inertia that makes us stand still. Adaptation, however difficult, is the only road to acceptance and ultimately to as complete a life as can be. 

intelligent, moving, erotic and insightful!✨


AFTER MIDNIGHT, Serena Bell:   4.5 of 5 ⭐️

A chance meeting at a New Year's Eve party. They don't know each others' name, they only know they were drawn to each other across the room. He was pulled in by her exuberance and life and she couldn't turn away from his sad eyes. Both were dealing with trust issues and heartache. Midnight strikes and they kiss, then they get separated, without ever exchanging names or numbers.

Having tried for months Nora can't believe when, after almost a year, she finally gets the information she has been waiting for. A way to contact the stranger who has never been far from her mind. His name is Miles and she contacts him right away, eager to reconnect.

Miles can't believe the elusive New Year's Eve woman has called him. Just as that night, their conversation is effortless and the chemistry is evident even over the phone. His life is as complicated now as it was then, but just hearing her makes him hopeful. 

Both having been betrayed, Nora's response has been vastly different from Miles'. Nora, although slightly more careful with trusting her own judgement, has not let her negative experience stop her from sucking the marrow out of life, whereas Miles has chosen to hide away. When he faced his 'betrayal', instead of standing up for himself, he made himself as invisible as possible, thinking it would help his cause, when in effect, it only made him lose all faith in himself and those around him. 
Moving into a relationship requires for both to take risks, one risks their trust and the other their heart. 

Serena Bell writes a compelling and heart-felt tale of restoring faith.

✨A sweet, steamy and provocative story of trust.✨


**ARC provided by NetGalley and Loveswept in return for an honest review.**

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