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OBSESSION (The Plus One Chronicles) by Jennifer Lyon

OBSESSION (The Plus One Chronicles)
by Jennifer Lyon
Advance Reading Copy
Published: October 3, 2013, Jennifer Lyon

My rating: 5 of 5 ⭐️

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This is the third and final book in The Plus One Chronicles:
POSSESSION - book #2
OBSESSION - book #3

Kat is a bakery owner who has faced and survived dischord within her family, a nasty break up with an ex and a violent incident, which has left her struggling with panic attacks. She is working hard at making her own mark in life, having veered away from her family's preferred path of the medical/pharmaceutical field. 

Sloane is a rich and successful ex-UFC fighter who now owns and runs a chain of gyms. He tragically lost his sister young in life and before pain and anger could cause him to self-destruct as a result, he was taken in and groomed as a fighter by Drake, who became his friend and mentor. But Sloane kept one focus throughout his training and his success, and that was revenge for his sister's death.

When Sloane and Kat meet, it is initially on a plus-one basis. A casual relationship, where Kat would also be Sloane's companion when required and in return he would teach Kat how to defend herself. This casual label didn't last very long, and in short order the two become emotionally involved. Sloane is quite protective of Kat and makes a clear claim on her. 

Kat finally meets with some people close to Sloane; his good friend, Drake, who is terminally ill and lives with him, but also a family member, who tells Kat about Sloane's obsession with revenge.

The time has come for Kat to stand strong and fight strong for her man, as he is faced with a choice between making a payment to the past or a promise for the future.


Loved, loved, loved this trilogy!! It has all the necessary ingredients for a very balanced and satisfying tale. 

Kat, who was already on her way to finding her own legs and her own value away from her judgemental family, is enhanced in her growth by Sloane, who simply hands her more tools to feel more self-sufficient. Gives her security, so she feels safer and more at home in her own skin. And with him by her side and at her back, she blooms.

Sloane, who starts out with a singular drive in his life and won't be distracted from it by anything, finds himself slowly softened and gentled by Kat. Where before his life was merely a means to an end, with Kate it actually has meaning. And without any enforcing, by simply trusting him and standing by him, Kate allows Sloan to make the right choice for himself and for his future.

Drake's character needs a mention. This third book sees the best of his character portrayed. Here is a man at the end of his life, who knows he has done wrong at some point in his life and has done everything thereafter to atone for his mistake. Part of him regrets setting Sloane on this focused course, and yet at the time he met Sloane, it was the only thing that was able to pull him back from self-destruction. With Kat now by Drake's side as well, assisting him in his final days, he has hope for a different outcome alltogether and wants a future without regrets for Sloane, unlike his own. 

All the characters in this book go through enormous emotional transformation, and all are so very closely intertwined, that each development is almost directly dependent on the other's. Very clear insight by Jennifer Lyon, into the human mind and heart.

Fantastic storytelling. Utterly loveable and steel-spined heroine and a hotter than hell, quintessential Alpha hero. Some seriously stimulating and sizzling sex. Intricate plots and absolutely thrilling suspense!! 

This is not a standalone title. Make sure you read all three books in the appropriate order to get the full benefit!!!!

✨An intense, haunting and smoking hot finale!!!✨

**ARC provided in return for an honest review**

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