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WILDE FOR HER (A Wilde Security Novel) by Tonya Burrows

WILDE FOR HER (A Wilde Security Novel)
by Tonya Burrows
Advanced Reading Copy
Published: October 28, 2013, Entangled Publishing/Brazen

My rating: 4 of 5 ⭐️

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For years Camden Wilde had been a homicide detective, before he left the force and joined his brothers in the Wilde Security company. A tight knit group, the boys had stayed close after the violent death of their parents when they were much younger. The one person he stayed in close touch with is his ex-partner, Eva Cardoso, the woman he has been in love with about as long as he has known her. 

Daughter of a flightly mother and one of many fathers, and sibling to one known sister, Eva Cardoso is determined to do love, marriage and children the proper way. She wants the whole nine yards, complete with dog and white picket fence, something she has never known growing up herself. Although always harbouring more than just a passing interest in Cam, she has always kept him firmly in the friends category, knowing he would never want her ideal dream life.

When at a weekend wedding event, under the influence of copious amounts of alcohol, both Cam and Eva lose their reservations and let passions rule their actions, they embark on a scorching hot night neither of them will easily forget. No matter how hard they try in the days to follow. Not able to undo what happened and not wanting to lose their friendship, they try to work out a mutually beneficial agreement. 

When a blast from the past and a disgruntled ex decide to create some disturbing distractions, Cam and Eva need to re-evaluate their expectations and evaluations and let their heart do the talking.


Another great read in the Entangled/Blaze publications!!  A familiar friends to lovers trope, this one has the added dimension of ex-homicide partners and some interesting character context.  The tension build up is steamy and the story has an unexpected and intense twist at the end.

Camden has been in self-sacrificing mode for most of the time he has known Eva. Well aware of her wish for the perfect family, he never saw himself as part of that picture and he valued her too much just to pass the time with her. He rather kept her as a trusted friend than a fly by night lover. Until he had one taste of her, and then he had enough of waiting and was determined to convince Eva he wouldn't just let her go again.

Eva was so hung up on doing the opposite of what her mother had set as a poor example, she chased an ideal and forgot to see what was right in front of her. She neglected to take her feelings for Cam into account. Once she was able to look beyond the surface and see the possibilities that laid deeper, her future became clearer. It took a shocking mistake in judgement on her part to come to that realization.

Tonya Burrows writes a finely balanced tale, where suspense, family dynamics, romance and some delectable bedroom fireworks complete an extremely satisfying story.

✨A thrilling and sexy tale of family, friendship and true love.✨

**ARC courtesy of Entangled/Brazen Publishing in return for an honest review.**


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