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FAR TOO TEMPTING by Lauren Blakely

FAR TOO TEMPTING by Lauren Blakely
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Published: October 21, 2013, Entangled: Edge

My rating: 4.5 of 5 ⭐️

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New recipient of a Grammy for her latest album and recent single mom, Jane Black gets little time to rest on her laurels. She is expected to jump right back in and produce another successful album. But the writing productivity for her last album was the heartbreak following her ex-husband's bombshell walkout on their marriage a year ago, and she was done purging the breakup. With the pressure on to keep the momentum going and her muse nowhere in sight, Jane is just going through the motions until inspiration hits her.

In the aftermath of the Grammies, to Jane's dismay, the press starts pursuing the reasons around her marriage breakdown. So when Beat's top music journalist, Matthew Harrigan, better than goodlooking, deliciouly British and devilishly charming, approaches her for an exclusive interview that covers preparations for her new album without intruding on her personal life, Jane agrees.
She has always been attracted to the gorgeous Brit and figures that perhaps the close proximity, since he will be accompanying her in the studio, may help get her creative juices flowing.

Unfortunately, it isn't the creative juices that are flowing. Massive sparks flare up between Matthew and Jane and although the two are doing all they can to keep a professional distance until the article is written, the temptation proves too big. Still hampered by writer's block, Jane is hoping that perhaps giving in to an affair may spark her inspiration, but even that does not seem to do the trick. 

With their personal involvement it becomes difficult to separate their professional lives and slowly the lines are becoming blurred. 


I really enjoyed this book. The snappy banter, the British dirty talk, the evident chemistry between Jane and Matthew. The unapologetic and straightforward interest they have in each games, no beating around the bush. They are very clear in what they want, logistics and timing is their only issue. It is so wonderfully mature in comparison to some of the grade school antics I sometimes read.

Matthew is a pretty straight-laced guy, who doesn't draw outside the lines much. He is completely taken with Jane but is also a professional to the core. He seems to be able to compartmentalize work and personal life well and responsibly, initially, but that is more difficult as they become closer. He is very verbal and does absolutely not hold anything back, which is exactly what Jane needs.

“You are so wet, and I fucking love that so much. You need to know that. You need to know how good you feel to me. How amazing it is to be inside you.To feel you around me,”

Jane is a bundle of insecurities. Her life to date, was all based on a misconception, a lie, an illusion. She has no idea of the value she has, of her desirability, her worth as a person......a woman. Someone like Matthew, who tells it to her straight, is a little unnerving for Jane. Appealing, but difficult to trust. Not something she is used to, so to take everything he says at face value is hard. She needs to hear it, though, she craves that reassurance. It helps her be herself, in the just be and instead of desperately looking outside of herself for inspiration, allow it to come to her.

"He tells me and I nearly combust. He knows what I need; he knows what I want to hear.
To be wanted.
To be desired."

The story grabbed me from the start and held on till the end, I was fully engaged and that is always a pleasure. The flow was nice and even with a steady build up of tension throughout, some pretty explosive and intense love scenes made all the more appealing because of the dose of humour injected. I chuckled quite a bit in the course of reading this book. Great job, Ms. Blakely!!! More like this please!!

✨Funny, mature, touching and smoking hot!!✨

**ARC provided in return for an honest review**

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