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(All Or Nothing Trilogy  #2)
by CC Gibbs
ARC Review
Published: December 17, 2013, Forever (Grand Central Publishing)

My rating: 5 of 5 ⭐️

After leaving Hong Kong, Dominic has had serious doubts about the wisdom of his rash departure. It has been a month and despite every effort, he has not been able to rid his mind of thoughts and images of Kate. His preoccupation such that he has made arrangements to keep close tabs on her, needing to know where she is at all times. Not all of his security measures are for selfish intent, however, the recovery of his twenty million dollars, with the help of  Kate, has put both of them in the crosshairs of the Russian mafia. 

The first week back home, Kate spent mostly hiding in her apartment, until a fortuitous phonecall from one of her professors landed her another very profitable short term assignment overseas. Blissfully unaware of Dominic's ministrations, Kate accepts the job and takes off for Singapore. It should surprise her that after a few weeks Dominic shows up there, out of the blue, admitting to having been miserable without her.

Starved for each other after both proclaim abstinence for the past month, they are ever impatient in their sexual craving for each other. Once again, parameters for an agreement are discussed, but this time there is a distinct difference, a commitment of exclusivity that Kate does not believe Dominic will be able to adhere to, despite his many assurances. A week of holidays give them a chance to reconnect, but once daily life sets back in, so do the harsh realities and the threats.

In fill on protective mode, Dominic has not made Kate aware of the Mafia's interest in her, but rather opts to try and direct attention away. That is something he comes to regret dearly, when he is drawn into a scheme set up to alleviate the threat on Kate's life, but is sure to damage their fragile relationship. He is left with no choice, it is a risk he has to take. 


A fabulous follow up to ALL HE WANTS!! Completely satisfying in every way......... We don't get a full HEA, BUT we see enough of the writing on the wall to know that it will happen, but there a quite a few dangers still lurking and loose ends yet to tie. 

As before, Dominic is still uncomfortable analyzing why he responds to Kate the way he does. It isn't something he is comfortable with in the context of a relationship with a woman. Even his previous marriage didn't have him feeling this 'out of control'. It makes him prone to some unreasonable and territorial outbursts at times, but since he is dealing with sensations and situations completely alien to him, and he seems eager to learn and quick to repent, it is easy to forgive him. 
Dominic also very carefully starts opening up a little bit about his past, although talking about things like that require some hefty negotiating on Kate's part.

Kate will still not be pushed around, although she has no real defense for Dominic's sexual persuasiveness. But when it comes to gracefully submitting, that is something she will never do, she makes Dominic fight for every inch. Kate battles her insecurities constantly and given Dominic's history with women, they are not entirely unreasonable. She still bites and barks, most of it is out of fear and self protection, and some of it from an inherent fiery temper. Something she shares with Dominic. It makes for explosive fights but also combustible sex!

The writing by C. C. Gibbs continues to engage me on many levels. Without a doubt the erotic aspects, and yes there is plenty of 'that', are highly imaginative and tittillating, and extremely well-written. But aside from that, her characters, although beautiful, successful, intelligent figments of imagination, become very human and compelling with their identifyable vulnerabilities and recognizable failings, making it so much easier to relate. Their sharp and alternating witty or ascerbic dialogue continues to be highly entertaining. The story line itself is exciting with its many layers and various twists and turns. Aside from the main thread of romance, there are many smaller offshoots that circle around and meander through, adding danger, intrigue, drama and even humour to the mix. 

Despite the fact that the entire story isn't told yet, ALL HE NEEDS managed to leave me with a great sense of satisfaction. Huge leaps were made, tremendous growth was shown and I am hopeful for what is yet to come. 

That doesn't mean I won't be chomping at the bit to get my hands on the final chapter for Dominic and Kate!!!

An artful, turbulent, impassioned quest for love.

**ARC provided by NetGalley and Forever (Grand Central Publishing) in return for an honest review.**

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