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CONFLICTED LOVE (Needle's Kiss #2) by Lola Stark

(Needles Kiss #2)
by Lola Stark
ARC Review
Published: January 10, 2014

My rating: 4 of 5 ⭐️

He isn't quite sure what is up with Teeny, but Trip knows they should never have risked their friendship with one night of wild and drunk sex. Not that it wasn't good, cause it was. Very good. In fact he could barely look at Teeny without remembering everything about her, but he hated how pissed she was at him all the time now. Difficult situation, since his brother Mace and her best friend Scarlett were joined at the hip and soon to be married. If only she would talk to him.

She doesn't need anyone, certainly not Trip, who jumps from one bed to another. Teeny is used to going it alone, and this is just another thing she will have to tackle by herself. Although she didn't think she was ready to take on a baby by herself in her dingy apartment, with no income to speak of. She doesn't want to tell Trip, but he finds out anyway and reacts just as she expected, like the asshole he is.

Although shocked at first, it doesn't take Trip that long to throw himself at the responsibility that comes with a pregnancy. Despite Teeny's misgivings and objections. He is as determined to provide support as she is to resist it, and every little thing becomes a battle. Pregnancy hormones, testosterone and uncharted relationship territory are cause for many an combustible conflict, often followed with an explosive resolution in the bedroom, the one place Trip and Teeny have no problems understanding each other quite clearly.

But in time, Teeny has to admit that Trip's efforts to take responsibility seem genuine, evident in his actions and not just his words. It isn't long before Teeny finds herself believing perhaps if she can trust him with her body, she should be able to trust him with her heart. 


Short, hot, heavy and sweet!!!!

You really should read the first book in the series, TATTERED LOVE, to get a good grip on the back story. This book moves fairly fast through time and seems to jump frames a little here and there, catching the highlights of a certain period. The writing is very direct and unapologetic, so don't expect flowers and bows, cause you're not gonna get them. What you will get is straight thoughts and feelings, raw and unedited, which gives the book an honest feel,

Teeny has a chip on her shoulder the size of Mount Everest. Not that she doesn't have any cause to throw some attitude, but she carries it like a protective cloak, especially around Trip. Of course it is because he has the ability to get her where it really hurts. Not something she cares to admit to herself, anyone else and least of all Trip! She hasn't had the greatest of examples in her life when it comes to relationships and other than Mace and Scar, hasn't seen 'happy' a lot. Doesn't quite trust it. Doesn't mean she never considered it or thought about the possibility.

Trip is the proverbial 'player' and one reason he had always steered clear from Teeny before is because you don't mess around with friendship, not because he wasn't attracted to her, because he definitely was. Before he even realized he was to be a dad, he knew there was more he was looking for with Teeny, but wasn't quite sure what. Once the facts are on the table he almost surprises himself in how he takes on, not just the responsibilities of impending fatherhood, but also the perhaps subconsciously coveted relationship with Teeny. 

It's a fairly fast moving novella, with a lot happening in a relatively short stack of pages. A very compact but complete story with its own HEA, although as I mentioned before, better to read it with the first book under your belt. 

In stormy, animated, lustful pursuit of happiness.

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