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SAVIOUR by Lesley Jones

(The Saviour Series #1)
by Lesley Jones
ARC Review
Published: April 11, 2013

My rating: 4 of 5 ⭐️

What are the chances that you meet someone wonderful the very night you decide to leave your husband of twenty-five years? 

It happened to Lauren, forty-five years old, and stuck in a progressively more abusive marriage. Oh they seemed happy enough, to the outside world, and for the longest time Lauren had told herself that they were, ignoring the verbal and later the physical abuse. But she was done. It had gone on long enough and although part of her still couldn't grasp the transformation over the years, she knew she had to get out now, before she would get seriously injured. 

Out for a drink with his brothers, Gabriel spotted Lauren out with her girlfriends and was immediately intrigued. Normally one to be interested only in quick hook ups, he finds himself wanting to find out more about this woman, not caring she apparently is older than he is. He enjoys talking to her and even though he discovers she is still technically married, he lets her know in no uncertain terms he is interested and not planning to go anywhere.

Lauren is slightly overwhelmed, to say the least, and when a final blow up at home forces her hand, and she finds herself scared and hiding at a friend's house, suddenly Gabe is there offering his support asking nothing in return. Still raw and emotionally wrung out, Lauren is slightly conflicted but can't help feeling safe and cared for with Gabe around. He is careful with her and takes nothing she is not willing to give. He is very insistent however, when it comes to her safety and she allows herself to be swayed to his way of thinking after some calls have her spooked.

More and more is shared between them and it becomes clear that not just Lauren carries trauma into the relationship. There is a reason Gabe has never done the relationship 'thing' before, and some of those skeletons are coming out of the closet. 


This turned into a GREAT read!!!

I have to admit, the first few chapters I wasn't sure..... In my opinion a good editing session would do wonders for some of the silliest little grammar issues that just aren't necessary....BUT, once I set myself up not to focus on the imperfections and actually started reading, I was drawn in to the story.

The great network of friends that Lauren has, covering for her and supporting her is heartwarming. Their difference in personalities and banter at times pretty funny, and the friendships feel genuine and not cloying. They're not afraid to tell her off. Same thing with Gabe's family, a great dynamic between the siblings, with distinct character traits and quirks for everyone and the teasing and loving dialogue that you'd expect. It all gives the story a genuine feel.

Lauren is not a weak woman by any means, a situation just grew out of hand, and she kinda grew with it. After years of having experienced something as good, once it started turning sour she first would question herself and her judgement instead of questioning the rightness of situation she found herself in. Thus letting things go to long and get too bad before the alarm was loud enough in her head. It doesn't help that to the outside world hers has always appeared as the perfect marriage, when nothing was further from the truth. Enter a man ten years her junior, who finds her irresistible, or so he says, and what is she to make of that? He wakes her senses up in every way possible, that's for sure, but he scares her too, never having been in a truly committed relationship, what if he tires of her? All she knows is commitment and all he knows are hook ups. 

Gabriel once was married for a brief while, when that was the right thing to do because he was going to be a father. The only true commitment he made there was to his daughter, not her mother. There is real irony in the fact that Gabe falls for an older woman. There are some very dark associations he has with older women, for one thing, he lost his mother young and had some troubled experiences after that. But I don't think he even sees Lauren as 'older' perse, I think the purpose of the age difference is more for the sake of him bringing life back to Lauren, showing her new things, giving her fresh experiences. But ultimately, Lauren is the catalyst for him to battle some of his old demons and in that respect she saves him as much as he saves her.

Lesley Jones writes in an Aussie twang with a little Brit thrown in, so be prepared to run into some slang you may not register right away. Personally, I love it, I think it sets the tone immediately and I can imagine the characters much better. In fact I can hear them with the appropriate accent in my head. However, I know there are some (hopefully very few) to whom that might make a difference, so I thought I'd mention it. Also good to know is that Ms. Jones knows her way around a hot juicy sex scene and is not shy to be descriptive!! And you will find enough to wet your whistle in this book......

There are a few loose ends that I'm sure will be resolved in the next book RESOLUTION for which I will be a stop on the Blog Tour on Jauary 8th, 2014, and I will have a review for you at that time as well!!

Intense, ominous, highly emotional and hauntingly painful at times, this book touches on the sensitive subject of domestic abuse as well as some other forms of abuse and might be difficult to read for some. I love being introduced to new (to me) authors, and this was one of them. I can't wait to read RESOLUTION!

✨A turbulent, seductive and powerful story of healing.

**ARC provided in return for an honest review.** Barnes&Noble


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