Wednesday, December 18, 2013

IN HIS EYES by Nina Pierce

by Nina Pierce
ARC Review
Published: December 3, 2013, Aspendawn Books

My rating: 4 of 5 ⭐️

Her husband was her first and only love, but after over a decade of marriage and three children later, Maggie Callaghan is not happy. The last years she has been taken for granted and feels like she has been alone in this marriage, and when she gets wind of an extra-marital affair, she packs her bags and moves in to a small cottage on the coast. Not too far from the family home or her business, a wellness clinic.

Unaware she has moved right into the hunting grounds of a serial killer, Maggie does her best to keep her life as stable as possible for the sake of the children, while at the same time trying to move on with her life. But the killer is very aware of Maggie, who meets every one of his criteria of the 'perfect woman'.

Oblivious to the law enforcement investigations into a trail of slaughtered bodies, Maggie suddenly finds herself the subject of interest not to one, but to three different men all at once, while at the same time receiving unwanted attention from her estranged husband, who seems desperate to win her back.  
When the one person who knew her darkest secrets betrayed her trust, how could Maggie safely rely on her own judgement? In the end only one man's intentions are pure.....but will she know which one?


Wow!! That was rather intense!! Also a bit of a clusterf**k!! Talk about being at the wrong place at the wrong time....... This story would make a fantastic thriller movie!

GREAT writing by Nina Pierce, which doesn't surprise me, since I have read quite a few of her books before, I just have never had an opportunity to review one until now. The difference between this book and some of the others is that I thing in "IN HIS EYES" the emphasis is more on the psychological suspense, than it is on the heated romance. So folks that are looking for hot sex, I believe there is one true scene in the book. That is not to say there isn't any sexual tension, it simply stays above the belt, for the most part. 

What is interesting here is the fact that we get points of view from all directions. Just about every substantial character has a say. At first it may seem confusing, but you will find as the story goes along, that some of the characters entwine. The threads start braiding together until a pattern develops, not one where you necessarily can tell the outcome yet, but one where it gets easier to place the characters in the appropriate context. 
It may sound complicated, but it really isn't........and you are going to have to trust me on that!!!

Without giving away too much of the outcome, I can't get into character development too much. Except to say, that there is a great moral behind this story, that people are always capable of more than they give themselves credit for, and that recognizing your mistakes is one thing.....making the changes to rectify them is everything. 

The wrap up of the FBI investigation was a little too obscure for me. I was left with quite a few questions beyond "who did it", the focus at that point had shifted more to the personal side of the story. I missed a de-brief of sorts.

The thrill and suspense factor was high. Never knowing who was behind the point of view of the killer, creepy. I scarfed down the book, so I can tell you quite confidently that it has a great flow and high entertainment factor! No hesitation in recommending this one!! Especially if you love your suspense!!!

✨A hair-raising, bone-chilling, mind-twisting tale of obsession.✨

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  1. Wow! What a wonderful endorsement for my novel. Thank you soooo much for taking time to read and review IN HIS EYES. I'm thrilled you enjoyed the story!