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WESTON (Hard Body #2) - Debra Kayn

(Hard Body #2)
By Debra Kayn
ARC Review
Published: January 7th, 2014, Forever Yours

My rating: 4 of 5 ⭐️

Infiltrating deeper than anyone has before, detective Rocki Bangli is hoping to wrap up her undercover investigation into casino operator and crime lord, Darrel Archer sooner rather than later. When she is ordered out out on a job for him, with instructions to use whatever 'favors' necessary to gain information, she is surprised to find her targets the men from the Beaumont Body shop. Not only a car detailed but also the front of a private investigation company. One of the targets is Kane Archer, nephew of Darrel, with whose girlfriend she had a run in not too long ago. Another is the delicious blond tall and hot drink, Tony Weston, who doesn't waste any time claiming her attention.

What are the odds that the woman who has featured in every lusty dream over the past year, is standing right before him. The fact that she doesn't remember him from the police academy, or that just about everything out of her mouth is a lie, doesn't bother Tony Weston in the least. Whatever it is she is doing, whatever trouble she is in, he is determined to find out. He has waited long enough for an opportunity to make his move and now that she has fallen in his lap, he is not about to let Rocki walk off.

When Rocki finds her cover with Darrel blown and unsure where the leak originated, she finds herself seeking out Tony. She knows if anyone has the connections and expertise to help, it would be him. Besides, she trusts him, she has little choice. Toni takes immediate measures to ensure her safety and the safety of her family. He is keeping Rocki close by his side, in fact, before long they are heating up his sheets. But they are quickly reminded they can't lose focus and will need to pool all their resources to make sure they get out of this unscathed......


Another thrilling read by Debra Kayn, full of exciting action and hot bedroom activities!!

I loved Tony!! Not just his looks (sounds like Charlie Hunnammmmmmm 😉), but the way he handled Rocki. A guy who apparently has plenty of patience, given that he has waited around for his opportunity for a year. Someone who is protective of his 'woman' without taking every choice away from her or making her feel inadequate, not that that would have gone over very well! He stays calm, he has faith in Rocki's abilities and her judgement and at the same time is able to quietly convince her when his is the better option. Yup!! I wouldn't mind me a Tony of my own!!!

Rocki is a scrapper, working doggedly to get ahead in what can still be considered a men's world. She only has her mother left and carries the troubles of the world on her shoulders to protect her mom. She doesn't like handing off control, but she finds herself actually enjoying Tony taking charge at times. She wants to be respected for the work that she does, in that, she wants to be treated as the professional that she is. Tony allows her to lean on him, he protects her, but he never underestimates her capabilities. Rocki knows how to take care of herself.

Great hook back to ARCHER, Hard Bodies first book, including the same basic group of characters and allowing the story to play against the same back history, allowing these individual stories to loosely link together. WESTON can be read as a standalone, however, for the full experience I would strongly suggest you also read ARCHER, if you haven't already. 

Debra's Hard Body Series is shaping up to quite the series! And I can't wait to see who of the Beaumont Body Shop crew is next to "bite the bullet"!!!

A spunky, seductive and action-filled read!!✨

**ARC provided in return for an honest review.**  Kobo Barnes&Noble


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