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WILD by Adriane Leigh

by Adriane Leigh
ARC Review
Published: December 13, 2013

My rating:  4.5 of 5 ⭐️

She finds a cottage by the water to rent and a part time job in the library, but Kat Kennedy is prepared to pack up and go if she needs to. She doesn't want to get too settled in and make friends, which is why she shouldn't have gone home with that dark, sinfully hot looking guy from the bar the other night. Especially since he now seems to pop up wherever she goes in town!! Not exactly conducive to the low profile she was intending to keep.

Lane Wild is highly amused by the feisty redhead who bristles everytime he bumps into her. Not that that is entirely by accident, his night with her was one that would be branded in his memory of ever. He wouldn't mind a repeat and if he wasn't mistaken, even though her mouth said no, her body wouldn't mind a do-over either. Relentless in his pursuit, he discovers that he actually enjoys talking with Kat, ok....mostly sparring, but still, spending time with her is fun. Not something he is used to, hanging out with a woman for anything other than sex. Kat is starting to get under his skin.

Kat cannot keep the force that is Lane Wilde at a distance for long. He infiltrates every aspect of her new life, which to be honest, isn't that hard to do in a town this small. And truth be told, she doesn't mind him 'infiltrating' her from time to time at all. As long as he is clear she doesn't do relationships!! It seems that is a point they both agree on, for their own respective reasons, neither wish to discuss.
But all the best intentions can't stop feelings from developing, and feelings mean lowering your guard and letting down your defenses. That's when secrets have a way of surfacing, and when they do, they often catch you by surprise and vulnerable....


I need a shower...... No. An ice bath!! It's a stinkin' sauna in here, isn't it?? 

Not for the faint of heart! We are talking some serious kinky heat in this book, and if you are looking for some mildly erotic reading, this might just be a bit too much!! Me?? I don't mind it crass and a bit rough, as long as it is honest and consenting, I have no issues. And in this story, with two strong-willed and single-minded individuals, it fits!!

This is not just a seeeeriously hot book, there is also a good story line and a decent twist of suspense at the end. I loved the characters, the incredible quintessential bad boy 'Wild', who can charm the panties off old librarians by cocking her an innocent smile and at the same time spout the raunchiest lines in your ear that make you melt in a puddle at his feet. And Kat, who despite the fact that she has incurred a few knocks here and there, never loses the spark and the bite and goes at it like a tiny bull terrier poised for the fight. 

A great pairing of characters, both with a hard armoured shell to protect a damaged core, claiming hard not to want, need, feel any desire for connection or a relationship, but both slowly cracking as the other burrows under their skin. The harder they yell it isn't going to happen, the further they fall. It is inevitable....... The bitching and bickering is highly entertaining, the juggle for dominance constant and the dirty talk with a cocky smile the most annoying and arousing thing. 

I would have enjoyed a little bit more delving into the suspense aspect of the story. It came close to the end, was suddenly there and just as quickly over. Although no loose threads were left, I still feel more could have been done, more build up could have been worked into the story. But then, I do love my mysteries and so I figure if you are bringing suspense in, why not draw that benefit into the book a little further, it would not have taken much. 

The story will undoubtedly get you emotionally involved one way or another, whether it be anger, disgust, provocation, frustration, sympathy, humour.....any or all, it'll get to you somehow and hook you in. Great job!! And sign me up for the next one!

A salty, fierce and salacious story of sanctuary.

**ARC provided to me in return for an honest review.** Barnes&Noble


"WILD" will be on sale for $0.99 until 12/22/13

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