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UNSETTLED by S. C. Ellington

by S. C. Ellington
ARC Review
Published: December 10th, 2013

My rating: 3.5 of 5 ⭐️

When Brooklyn Caldwell moved to the DC area from the West Coast, she had done so in hopes of finding better job opportunities,  working as a 'marketing assistant' for her a sleezeball boss had not been on the wish list. But it was paying the bills for now and she would keep her eyes open for other opportunities. Luckily she had her best friend Alex, and her boyfriend as her roommates, they help keep the cost down and Brooklyn from going crazy. Alex had also been the person who held Brooklyn up after a devastating breakup that had her completely turned off the idea of looking at another man again. That is, until she bumps into Logan.

A huge corporate and financial success at a young age, Logan Colton is what one would call, a self-made man. With a determination to make his own stamp on the world, he by-passed the family business and built something for himself from scratch. A large driving force for Logan is a childhood tragedy that continues to haunt him. The social standing, fame and riches that come with his success seem more of a burden than a reward, Logan is always questioning people's motivation. So when a certain dark-haired beauty shows herself determined to shut him down, his interest is peaked.

Brooklyn doesn't intend to play hard to get, she just doesn't trust easily, and she can't for the life of her understand why a gorgeous and wealthy man would have any interest in her. It takes. Logan a while, but eventually he is able to break through Brooklyn's shell and they begin a tentative exploration of each other. Logan soon finds out just about all there is to know about Brooklyn but he keeps things close to his chest when it comes to himself. Whenever Brooklyn pries a little too close or too deep, Logan shuts down, and although their connection is strong when they are together, insecurities pop up when they are not.

Ultimately Logan will have to make a decision, whether to share all of himself with Brooklyn. But he better do it fast, it could already be too late.......


Warning!!! This book has an open ending and will have a follow up novel!!!

A strange thing, I was pulled in to this book very fast in the first chapter, enjoying the writing style and Brooklyn's banter with her roommate Alex, but the further along in the book I got, the less engaged I felt. 
At first glance Brooklyn appears to have it pretty much together, aside from her crappy job, and the fact that she has a non-existent love life, she doesn't seem that bent out of shape about it. I guess she puts on a good show, because the moment a new love interest and an old hurt appear in her life, it's almost like the stuffing goes out of her. She loses a bit of her edge, even though she battles hard to stay on top, insecurities win out. 

We don't see or know enough about Logan, so I find it very difficult to pull him out beyond a two-dimensional character. We know he has some major issues linked to a childhood trauma, but there is a lot more under the surface and there are things he is being secretive about that don't really make any sense. Trust obviously is a big stumbling block for him and that is understandable, as I am deducting that people have tried to take advantage of him before, but he is too much of an enigma to know anything for sure.

Although I am starting to grow into the "cliffhanger" phenomenon, something I loathed but can't seem to avoid, I do appreciate some heads up. I had no idea before I started reading this book that it was an open ended book! the title doesn't imply that it is part of a series or a trilogy, and so I find that a bit misleading.  

The actual cliffhanger is one that will likely be resolved, unless my judgement of the main characters is completely out of wack.....which, of course is always a possibility.

Yes, I will read the next book, because I really would like to know more about Logan..... He might be the most intriguing character yet!!

✨A passionate, angsty and complex love affair...✨

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