Monday, December 23, 2013

REBEL (Renegades #2) by Skye Jordan

(Renegades #2)
by Skye Jordan
ARC Review
Published: December 22, 2013

My rating: 4 of 5 ⭐️

On the outside, Rubi Russo is your typical Hollywood high flyer. Gorgeous, quick-witted, brilliantly smart, self-employed and independently wealthy...... She has designed her life to create a pillow of security, not requiring any dependence on any person other than herself. Something she learned very young in life. She hides pain, mistrust and insecurity behind the veneer, never allowing anything more than one-night stands to avoid emotional investment. Her work for the Renegades stunt team has given her some good friendships, but when friend and stuntman Wes Lawson persist in going out with Rubi, Rubi has to throw on the brakes. If there is one man who would have the capacity to break through her 'one night only' rule, it would be Wes, so Rubi intends to keep him safely in the 'friends only' section.

Good hearted and generally easy going Wes Lawson has had his eye on Rubi for quite some time now. 
He has been able to detect quite a bit more about her than what is showing on the surface, and the more he sees, the more he likes. Although her eyes and her body language tell him the attraction isn't just one-sided, Rubi continues to avoid his advances. Wes realizes that on paper they might not look like a logical match, but his gut tells him that Rubi is the one for him, and he is determined to prove to her he sees much more than her outside package. Slowly but surely he starts breaking down her walls.

But with one as gunshy as Rubi is, the slightest little mistake can easily ruin your chances and you might never get another.......


YOWZA!!! Turn on the flippin' fans!! This is one blistering hot novel!!!!

In this awesome second book of the Renegades Series, Skye Jordan focuses on the next member of the team, Wes, whom we met in RECKLESS (Book 1). The uncomplicated, easy going farm boy, who grew up in a warm and close family, has played it fast and loose for years, loving the edge of danger his work as a stuntman provided him. He never really considered things in terms of permanency or the future, but Rubi made him consider all of those things, without the need to lose that little edge he loves.
His love interest, Rubi, is the best friend from RECKLESS, who transformed herself from supermodel to  techno-wiz, and loved a little 'living on the edge' herself. Plagued by crippling trust and abandonment issues stemming from a messed up childhood, she has shaped herself into someone rather aloof and unreachable to safeguard herself from further hurt and damage. That is, until Wes starts cracking through her mask and slowly earns her trust.

This is a novel with quite a few different layers to it. At first sight perhaps more superficial, the hunky stuntman, the successful and gorgeous model, but look deeper and there is so much more going on. Sky Jordan succeeds in lifting the outward appearances and letting us see the living, breathing, hurting and damaged people underneath the pretty picture they make. Shows us the struggle to create a semblance of normalcy in a life that has been anything but. Illustrates to us the courage it takes, not to hurl yourself over a cliff or parade around half naked in front of cameras, but to expose the most fragile parts of you to someone and trust them not to break you. 

✨Caution!! contains:Thrills, Drama, Hot Sex & A Pack of Hot Stuntmen!!!✨  Kobo Barnes&Noble



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