Thursday, December 5, 2013

LAYERS DEEP by Lacey Silks

(Layers Trilogy #1)
by Lacey Silks
ARC Review
Published: November 30, 2013, MyLit Publishing

My Rating: 4 of 5 ⭐️

Allie Green is a cop who has spent her life doing her best to keep her mom safe, after an event in her childhood scarred both of them for life. She is also hellbent on revenge and knows just the man who might be able to help her get away with it. 

Working the case of a kidnapped friend, Tristan Cross has had his family investigations firm scope out potential candidates to join him on the job. He is looking for very specific qualifications and has found them in rookie cop, Allie Green. The fact that she is a stunning powerhouse has not escaped his notice either.

Allie's first glimpse of Tristan sets her antennae off. She experiences instant attraction and when she finds out he is the person she was hoping could be useful to her, and he happens to want her for a job, she also feels a pang of guilt. But Tristan's straightforward approach and I depth research leaves no room for secrets and Allie's concerns are quickly addressed. Just as their intense physical attraction is!!


Very strong and steamy start!!!

Especially in the first 80% of the book! the flow of the story is good, with little bits of background info becoming available as the story develops! keeping you firmly engaged. Then suddenly you hit a gear change......a fast forward of sorts, and jump a timeframe ahead, where a ton of action takes place in a relatively short amount of time. Good action, mind thing wrong with it, but a bit of a change of speed and almost feels like a rush to the finish. If that transition had been smoother and the action as well laid out as the rest of the book, I would likely have added an extra half or whole star.

Traumatized and guilt ridden from a young age on, Allie has not allowed room for anything other than the pursuit of revenge in her life. All else needs to be secondary, but until she meets Tristan, nothing has even come close. Very quickly she becomes enamoured with the man, his family and his values and for the first time is not afraid to show a more vulnerable side of herself.

Tristan in this book remains a bit of an enigma. We know he has some unresolved history that undoubtedly will bubble to the surface at some point in time, but so far only snippets are being revealed. He has very strong family connections and seems to have had a secure time growing up. His affection for Allie seems entirely genuine.

This is the first book in a trilogy and therefore we are left with a bit of a cliffhanger...... Not my favourite thing, but in this case I knew it going in, and I have to say I will happily read the subsequent releases to continue following this story. Because the characters are interesting, well-described and varied, the story line is compelling and the passion is off the charts!!!

✨Chilling, charged and stimulating!!✨

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