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"HUSTLIN' TEXAS" (Texas Fever #2) by K.C. Klein

(TEXAS Fever #2)
by K.C. Klein
ARC Review
Published: December 5th, 2013, Kensington

My rating: 4.5 of 5 ⭐️

When her car breaks down on the side of the road on her way back in town after walking out two years ago, Nikki Logan is well aware that the one person who was always there for her, might not even lend her a hand now. She had a tough life but had been determined to make something of herself and not end up living up to the false rumours that were always spreading around town about her. With her college degree now in hand, she could get a fresh start anywhere, but first she had unfinished business to take care of. 

Oak Groves' golden boy, Jett Avery had always been a defender of Nikki Logan. Her big brother was his best friend and Jett had always been able to see past the attitude Nikki put on for the benefit of the disapproving townsfolk. And he liked what he saw, always had, always would. He had no doubt about that and he might have let Nikki run off after their first (and last) night together two years ago, but he was sure as hell not going to let her go again.

Nikki finds not much has changed, people still treat her the same. Her big brother still expects her to screw up and the town's tongues continue to wag. And then there is Jett, who is as steadfast and reliable as he always was and she knows she doesn't deserve him. There is too much she is keeping from him, too many roadblocks thrown in their direction. But Jett is relentless in his pursuit of her, and despite Nikki's attempts at throwing him off, he has her back in his arms and his bed. The question is, what will he need to do to keep her there?


Fabulous surprise!!! 

Honestly? When I picked up this book I though it was going to be a quick, hot, juicy read with little substance...don't ask me why. But it wasn't like that AT ALL!! You'll have to forgive me, but K.C. Klein was new to me, this is the first of her books I have read, so I didn't know!! I'll never make that mistake again when I see her name behind a title, that's for sure.

Just to clarify the title, without giving much away..... 'Texas' is a nickname for Nikki, and hustlin' refers to the game of pool, which Nikki happens to be quite proficient at. Nikki has a chip on her shoulder the size of Mount Rushmore. Now it didn't get there by accident, she certainly has reason to throw some attitude, but she has also lost the ability to see the good beside the bad. She has a tendency to take on the whole world, when it isn't the whole world she needs to be fighting, but it's so ingrained, so familiar, it's difficult to step away from. As all behavioural patterns tend to be. Nikki values herself so little, that she would rather take herself out of the equation than make a situation uncomfortable for one of the people she cares about. That is why she runs, she expects to create a problem for those she loves, and she tries to beat it to the punch. 

Better than even her brother, Jett see right through all of Nikki, bluster and attitude. He doesn't care, he cares only about the person underneath all of that, the person only he can see. Jett knows full well that as son of one of the most influencial families around, people always found it odd for him to hook up with the Logans, but he found it odd that there even was a distinction. Normally not one to rock the boat, or tempt the fates, when it comes to Nikki! there is absolutely nothing Jett won't do or no one he wouldn't face down. He is someone who sees things in straight lines, but he has the ability and the insight to understand Nikki well.

Great character writing, very entertaining dialogue between the main characters and a somewhat unusual but very appealing division of personalities. Nikki receiving a lot of the flip, avoiding tendencies often associated with the male species, and Jett the emotionally intelligent and openly sharing one, something not EVER associated with the male species!!! BUT it works and it is believable, in fact it is so refreshing, it is one of the reasons I am giving this book a high rating. 

There is tragedy in this story, quite a bit of it actually, and it is made all the more heartbreaking (for me) because of the 'tough girl' act that Nikki constantly puts on, never, ever showing anyone she is down......but one person always sees anyway. 

I laughed hard and I cried, for me reasons to give a good grade, I was involved. 

Vibrant, cheeky and heart-breakingly tender.

**ARC provided by NetGalley and Kensington. Books in return for an honest review.**

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