Tuesday, December 10, 2013

WANTED by J. Kenner

(Most Wanted #1)
by J. Kenner
ARC Review
Published: January 7, 2014, Loveswept

My rating: 4 of 5 ⭐️

At sixteen, after losing her sister, Angelina went to live with her uncle Jahn, whom she was close with and who helped her process her grief. When he became ill she took care of him and she grieved him like for a parent when he died. She loved her parents, but no one understood her like Jahn had. 

Tragedy had struck Evan Black young in life and deciding that life wasn't fair, he wasn't about to play fair either. He was just going to survive and make sure those he loved survived as well. Meeting Jahn at a low point in his life had helped guide his focus in a more productive direction, and Evan and his two best friends were now owners of different successful businesses.

For years Evan and Angie had eyed each other from a distance, but warnings from Jahn for each of them had kept them on opposite ends of the room. Jahn's funeral seems to work as a release and they seek each other out. Evan resists any deeper involvement, claiming not to be good for Angie, but he can't resist the undeniable heat between them for long. Angie craves the dangerous edge Evan offers her and it allows her complete release.

Secrets each know they hold back from the other eventually test and try the power of their desire and the strength of their bond.
Blistering hot read!!
My first exposure to J. Kenner and I think I may have missed out. I really enjoyed the writing style. Bold, forward, no pussy-footing, and the no-nonsense approach in the bedroom suits me fine as well. In fact, I would say WANTED probably falls under very mild BDSM.
I also enjoyed the characters, both of whom definitely have an edge, a bit of a dark side that one tries to overcome and the other tries to explore. Great character exploration on both of the main protagonists, although some of it in Evan's case, a bit late in the book, but I guess that is to be expected when the POV is Angelina's. 
We also get a decent look at the characters who will be playing roles in the stories to come, and the backstory has definitely been laid out for all books to play against. WANTED is listed as the first of what I believe is to be a trilogy, BUT it can be read as a standalone if an HEA is all you are after, but the story line has a lot more going on in the back ground that is not over by a long shot. I strongly suggest you do as I will, and read them one at a time.....
As is common when grieving, guilt is one of the phases loved ones tend to pass through. However, for Angie, guilt is what's her grief has consisted of almost from the start. She carried it with her from her teenage years into adulthood and has shaped her life to it, disregarding herself to make up for the loss of her sister. No one seems to notice that who she portrays isn't which she is, except Evan, and he encourages her to just be herself. 
Evan has reason to be cautious, not just to protect himself but to protect others as well. His life is a balancing act, very fine lines he has too manoeuvre between. He wants to tell Angie everything, but he can't afford to take the risk, for his and her sake too. He has lusted after her from afar for years and now finally can have his hands all over her, he wants nothing to mess that up.
The story really began to get more and more intriguing as it went along, moving away from a simple romance to a mystery/suspense and that particular portion is not quite done with yet.....
Wonderful build up, great sexual tension, excellent suspense. An all round good read!! 
A charged, compelling and provocative tale of boundaries.✨

**ARC provided by NetGalley and Loveswept in return for an honest return.**

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