Monday, December 30, 2013

BECK by Harper Sloan

(Corps Security #3) 
by Harper Sloan
ARC Review
Published: December 30, 2013

My rating: 5 of 5 ⭐️

In their friendship, Dee has always been the one to hold Izzy together. Together with Greg, she managed to get her away from her abusive ex and stood by her as she found solid ground under her feet with Axel by her side. When Greg shortly after that struggled with his own troubles and ended up happy and in love, she made sure not to create more ripples, and wore her smile and happy demeanour like a badge. She didn't want anyone to see her struggles and no one one except Beck.

Being the butt of jokes from his colleagues doesn't bother Beck much. He has known from the start that Dee is something special. They may not be able to tell, but he can. He has seen a side of her she never shows in public and he would do anything to take that pain away. But Dee is not an easy woman to care for, as soon as she feels him getting to close, she pushes him away. She can try, but Beck is not going anywhere.

When Dee experiences some discrepancies in the billing of some of her bigger clients and goes to investigate, and she is hurt in the process, Corps Security steps in to try and get some answers. Beck, of course, does not leave Dee's side needing to make sure she is safe at all times. Being in each other's company most of the time, the sexual tension is through the roof and although their physical connection was really never in question, their emotional one remains uncertain. 

Beck is Dee's touchstone and at the same time, he is her biggest threat. The person who really knows her, is also the one person with the power to destroy her completely. She expected him to push, but instead he calmly stands by, without ever leaving. Not forcing anything, just waiting for her to make things right for herself, ready to catch her if she stumbles. She finally realizes she is ready to fight when her life is threatened, but will it be too late??


O. M. G. !!!  An absolute STUNNER of a book. I sucked that thing down like it was whipping cream, sooooo smooth and rich!!! 

Harper has absolutely outdone herself with this story. It will surprise you, it will disturb you, it will shock you and it will warm the coldest recesses of your heart!! I promise!! 

Some of Beck and Dee's story overlaps the first and second books in this series, AXEL and CAGE, offering a slightly different perspective from what we thought we might have observed as described through the eyes of different characters. In a lot of ways, some pieces fell in place for me, clarifying some 'character issues' I had in the earlier books. I don't have any anymore!!

I have been trying to figure out in my head whether Ms. Sloan had these three books planned out this way, or whether each book cam out of the writing of the previous one. Either way, this was very cleverly done!!! 

I cannot tell you a lot more about the content than I have above, except to say that there is a lot that happens in BECK that has huge impact. I mean A LOT!! One major event occurs in this book, that tilts the world for Corps Security, that has impact on everything that comes after. For that reason alone, this is a book that is an absolute "MUST READ"!

What I CAN tell you, is that if you think you liked Beck will WORSHIP him after reading his story. I kid you not. And if, like me, you weren't too sure about Dee from previous books, you will be dumbfounded to find who that mouthy, forward and brassy best friend of Izzy really is. 

Absolutely perfect balance was achieved in this book, from suspense to angst, from sexual heat to humour, from drama to action, and from romance to tragedy. The perfect storm in a novel!!!! 

Fiercely painful, achingly vivid, intensely seductive.

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