Saturday, December 21, 2013

BURNS SO BAD by Anne Marsh

(Smoke Jumpers #3)
By Anne Marsh
ARC Review
Published: December 16, 2013

My Rating: 4.5 of 5 ⭐️

Smoke jumper on the Donovan Brother's jump Team, Rio Donovan has a reputation of a love them and leave them kinda guy. His two brothers already solidly committed in loving relationships, Rio couldn't see himself going down that risky path. Normally one to face any challenge, give him a raging forest fire and he would be front of the line to jump out of the plane, anything long term when it comes to relationships seemed too much of a hassle. That is, until his new jump partner showed up earlier in the summer.

Her second summer jumping, but first time with the Jordan Brother's team, Gia Jackson put her heart and soul in her work. She was determined not to let the fact she was female distract from the fact that  she could perform as well as any other guy out there and despite her family's concerns about her health, she was managing just fine. If only she could stop herself from being too distracted by her boss and jump partner. But when she ends up with Rio in her arms on one jump that almost goes horribly wrong, all bets are off.

Celebrating the successful conclusion of what could have been a disastrous call, Gia and Rio find themselves high on life and a bit of alcohol, kissing outside Gia's door. One taste turns out to be not enough for either, and despite concerns around mixing professional and personal involvement, keeping their hands off each other turns out to be impossible. 

When during a jump, Rio and Gia are first down, trying to get out of the way of the fire, they bump into some illegal activities on the mountain, they are now not only chased by the fire, but by criminals as well. Their precarious situation as well as the discovery of a secret Gia had kept to herself, has brought out every protective instinct Rio possesses. He will do everything to keep what is his safe....


A smoking hot jumper and a kick-ass heroine!!!!

Anne Marsh knows what she is doing!! Another excellent novel, opening with a great first chapter, already high on the thrill scale, to pull you right into the story and the personalities of the characters. 

This is the third book in the Smoke Jumpers Series, but can be read as a standalone novel. Of course it is always helpful if you have had a chance to read the previous books, simply because some if not all of the characters re-appear. You will, however, not miss any significant details of this story should you have missed them. 

With a less than perfect childhood lived on the streets, and working special ops for Uncle Sam, Rio is by no means a choirboy, but he is a decent man at the core. Loyal to his foster mother and his brothers and a with sense of responsibility a mile long, gives everything his full 100%. He never expected himself to fall hard like his brothers had, but when he did, he did so with everything he had.

A little more hesitant in her approach, Gia prefers to keep some emotional distance. She already has her family all up in her business and had to remove herself from them in order to make her own decisions in life. Her condition also brings with it some insecurity and so control, any control, she will hang onto. But hanging onto your heart to avoid someone else maybe breaking it, only lasts so long. 

Fantastic balance between suspense and hot romance, keeping you on the edge of your seat for more than just one reason! Luscious, sexy chemistry between a strong, highly capable but cautious heroine and a fierce, protective and territorial hero. 

✨A fiery, enticing and potent story of circling the fires.✨

**ARC provided in return for an honest review.**  Kobo Barnes&Noble



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