Wednesday, May 28, 2014


(Brodies of Alaska #1)
by Kat Martin
ARC Review
Released: May 27, 2014

My rating: 4 of 5 ⭐️

The entire flight to Alaska, interior designer Lane Bishop struggled with her decision to take on this job. She could tell herself over and over again that it was the opportunity to renovate the gorgeous 1930 Eagle Bay Lodge, but she knew it was the persistence of its gorgeously handsome owner that had finally swayed her to take a risk on the opposite sex since the death of her fiance three years ago.

Dylan Brodie was ready for some positive things to come his way, one of them was the summer he envisioned renovating his lodge with the gorgeous Lane. But within moments of her arrival at Eagle Bay, he realizes things might be a bit more complicated than he anticipated, when her dog and his little girl make fast friends. A connection he could almost be jealous of.

Lane is taken with the gorgeous building, it's inhabitants and head over heels for its owner, but she is less than enamoured with all the things that go bump in the night, and that happens quite a bit. With a reluctant and unconvinced Dylan in tow, Lane looks into some of the lodge's history to find some disturbing events that took place.

His relationship with Lane progressing as he had hoped, Dylan becomes worried when incidents around the lodge increase. No longer sure what type of threat he is dealing with, he knows he will do all it takes to keep his loved ones safe.


I loved it!! It made me think of an old Agatha Christie book. The setting of the old lodge, the nearby village, the different layers of intrigue, the possible 'players' and the intrepid heroine. Heck, even the housekeeper! Of course, Agatha would have blanched at the hot steamy sex.......or maybe not, but she definitely wouldn't have been as explicit about it. Thank goodness Kat Martin has no such hang ups! 

Thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining from beginning to end with high hopes for the rest of the Alaskan Brodies. 

Fabulous hot characters with some delicious side dishes.... ie Caleb!! My, oh my! I know he is not a Brodie, but give that man a book! We get a peek at Nick, who is certainly very capable and who knows, may be next on the block. 

Something that bugged me a little, ok, a lot. IF my plane went down on a lake about five miles hiking from 'safety' with the secure knowledge that danger is lurking nearby, I had the love of my life with me  , AND I had the option of being picked up by another plane, OR camp out overnight and hike out the next morning with my love. I would NOT choose to camp and hike - let me be VERY clear about that!! It makes no sense!! Only a moron would do that! It's like in a movie where the idiot girl is trying to get away from the bad guy and the whole theatre groans "NOOOOO"..... as she runs UP the stairs instead of out the door....

Overall I had a very good time reading AGAINST THE WILD and I will not hesitate to pick up any future Brodie book that crosses my path! If the great atmosphere, super action and slight emotional pull along with the steamy sex is part of the parcel - count me in!!

✨A charged, fiery and twisted page-turner.✨

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