Tuesday, May 27, 2014


(Hawks Motorcycle Club #2)
by Lila Rose
ARC review
Released: May 27, 2014

My rating: 4.5 of 5 ⭐️

They call her Hell Mouth and Deanna Drake has earned that moniker, being that she has developed the hardest shell yet to be cracked. All in self-preservation, with a history like hers it isn't a big surprise, and there are few who can make their way under. One would be Zara, the Hawks MC's president's old lady and Deanna's best friend. Another might be Julian, their rather flamboyantly gay, human man radar. But the one who could completely break the shell down, and doesn't even know it, is Griz, the Hawks' VP.

He's wanted to go there, but Grady Daniels - Griz for short - has too much shit on his plate to mess up what could be something good. So he keeps his distance. But when in short succession the bane of his existence is taken care of by fate, and Deanna's sordid past is about to catch up with her, it appears its all systems go. And Griz does not let any grass grow on this opportunity. He moves in, and moves in hard.

For once, Hell Mouth is stunned silent by the sudden events, and before she has a chance to recharge her vocal batteries, she finds herself shacked up and not only under Griz' protection, but UNDER Griz..... Yea, like that!


Gimme GRIZ!!! I can't help it!! I keep giving out all these stars, but the damn books deserve it!! 

I had so anticipated this book, and was not disappointed. I loved Deanna in the first book, her mouth is legendary and lethal and Griz is my dream MC guy. Older, gruff, still pretty hot to trot, but with a huge soft core, which you get to see LOTS of in this book. But you won't lose any of his badassery, no worries. He is the prime example of the bi-polar nature of the MC man - at least - my dream version of one. 

I always wonder when authors come up with the heroes in their books, whether they are pulled together with qualities they themselves would be attracted to, perhaps they know someone like that? Or does Lila Rose know me so well, that she can conjure up my perfect man? I think if Griz where to stand in front of me, I'd be a puddle. So tell me, Lila? Do you have someone you'd like to introduce me to??

Deanna is deconstructed in this book. She really is. You'll remember her as a fairly hard-nosed bitch who is fiercely protective of her besties and loathes to get emotional. Well. Be prepared for reluctant meltdowns. Deanna had good reason for building her walls so high and so tough, but with all the sappy happiness going on around her, it stands to reason she was going to go down at some point. She goes down with a bang, people. It's almost too easy.......

I love a heroine who can hold her own and kick some serious arse.... be it verbally or physically. It just makes me feel good about my gender. So sue me. And Lila Rose gives me the perfect heroine to dote on - Deanna. A woman who's been through hell but pulled herself out, snarls and bites at whomever comes too close, except those she invites in, who she loves and protects with all her being. Fabulous! I wish I was that woman!

The storyline itself is not particularly unique, but I think the way the focus was placed in this book, and the seamless and engaging writing style by Lila Rose more than makes up for the expected path of the story. 

✨Fierce & battle-ready heroine meets match in calm, confident & controlling biker.✨

**Copy  provided in return for an honest review.**

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