Saturday, May 3, 2014

HELL FOR LEATHER by Julie Ann Walker

(Black Knights Inc. #6)
by Julie Ann Walker
ARC Review
Release: May 6, 2014

My rating: 4.5 of 5 ⭐️

For the last four years Delilah Fairchild has all but thrown herself at Mac, the most inscrutible member of the Black Knights, the group of ex-military and government operatives who frequented her biker bar. But after the violent death of one her loyal customers and good friends a while back, Delilah had given up the play after having to swallow another rejection. When her only family, her uncle, disappears on a roadtrip, she puts aside her own feelings and turns to the only person she trusts will help her find him, ex-FBI agent, Bryan "Mac" McMillan.

It hasn't been easy for Mac to keep his distance from the tempting bar owner, but the vivacious beauty that draws him to her, is the same thing that makes her a danger in his eyes. When she asks for his help finding her missing uncle, however, he has no resistance to her plight and within no time, the entire force of the Black Knights is on the case. Good thing too, since shortly after coming to him, someone tries to grab Delilah from right under his nose. 

Forced to keep her as close to him as possible to keep her safe, Mac can't help letting his tightly controlled mask slip, and before he realizes it he has allowed Delilah further under his skin than he intended to. But there was no time to worry about that now, since it appears Delilah's uncle had some interesting friends in high places. The Black Knights were not the only ones interested in finding the old man as soon as possible.....


She does it every time!! My excitement when I see another Black Knight book to be released is never disappointed! And this time, the two main characters have been on the radar for a while already, so their story was highly anticipated.

Mac and Delilah have danced around each other for years, and everyone knows the lay of the land, except of course Mac and Delilah. That is, they know where they stand, sort of, but they have no clue what to do with it or where the other comes in. 

Mac is a real hopeless case. The one possible role-model he had wasn't particularly helpful and although Mac seems to be a pretty well-controlled and put together guy on the outside, he's a hot mess emotionally. Talk about complete disconnect. He has some serious issues dating back much further than Ms. Walker initially has you suspect. But of course, as a tough Alpha male, he has done nothing but 'suck it up' all these years and fat lot of good that has done him! Ultimately it takes a kick-a$$ woman to plant a two-by-four between his eyes, to get him to relinquish his misplaced but tightly held self-protective shields. Who'd have thunk??? Mac? A softie at heart??

Delilah is a bit of an enigma. She looks the part of a diva, gorgeous, vivacious, brass and independent, and she may well be all of those things in part, but mostly she is just a woman who wants to belong. It just so happens the man she would really like to belong to is simply not able to look past her trimmings to the core of her. Already at risk of losing everything with the one, the last, person who truly knows her - her uncle, Delilah is driven to push through the roadblocks Mac has been throwing in her way. Regardless of what is or isn't between them, she trusts him completely when it comes to her safety and never hesitates to  put it entirely in his hands. 

Interesting change of pace, a little reminiscent of Boss' story, with Mac also being a reluctant lover, but Mac's issues seem a little more difficult to overcome. I loved the softer side to Mac, which was a bit of a surprise, although I had hoped for a more convincing turn-around.

As per usual the banter between the Black Knight crew is hilarious, in particular Ozzie, who never fails to entertain with his musical renditions and outrageous firtations, setting every other male in the vicinity on edge. Ample humerous inner dialogue going on as well, both with Delilah as with Mac. 

There were two interesting leads into what could be future possible 'hook-ups', but I'm not going to name names, I will let you figure that out for yourself. One is a little more evident than the other, but I will bet my next Starbucks coffee on the truth of both my predictions. 

✨Get ready for shivers, tears, laughs, thrills and panty-changes!!✨

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