Wednesday, May 14, 2014

ENTICE by Rachel Van Dyken

(Eagle Elite #3)
by Rachel van Dyken
ARC Review
Released: May 13, 2014

My rating: 4.5 of 5 ⭐️

As burns this saint, so burns my soul. I enter alive, and I will have to get out dead.”

Chase Winter let the love of his life slip through his fingers and into the hands of his best friend and mafia boss of the Abandanato family. Now that he's been given a second chance to right a wrong--he refuses to let his own selfishness stand in the way. The only problem? He's not fully in possession of his heart, so when Mil De Lange, the girl who's innocence he stole, and heir to the worst of the worst mafia families in the US, asks him for a favor. He actually says yes, not realizing that that one yes has the power to destroy them all.

Mil's been in love with Chase as long as she can remember, but as the years went by, the love turned to hate, and now that he's agreed to help her, she's wondering if she made a fatal error. Because Chase isn't a teenager anymore. He's a hot blooded male, bent on owning every part of her body and soul, and willing to kill anyone in his path who dares stand in the way.

It's time for secrets to finally be revealed...but make no mistake, it's going to take a lot of bloodshed for those truths to be discovered.

You've never read a New Adult Mafia story like this before...loyalties will be tested, lovers reunited, and friendships obliterated. Welcome to the Family. Blood in--No out. 


Complete blistering, roller-coaster thrill ride!!
The loyal and close-knit families are brilliantly outlined against the gritty backdrop of the dark and violent mafia world by Rachel Van Dyken. With characters that are both sympathetic in their human vulnerabilities and chilling in their cold ruthlessness, this story is a constant balancing act between light and dark.
Chase had thought himself in love, and was still hurting he lost that woman to his best friend, but when he is called upon to help Mil out when she is left exposed to head the dangerous De Lange family, he doesn't hesitate to jump right in. He has a special history with Mil he would like to make up for. But he hasn't counted on the protective instincts she awakens in him.
Mil used Chase once, back when they were teenagers, but it backfired on her when she fell for him. Now that she is left without any loved ones, he is the only one who could help her out, but she needs to be able to keep her distance. She may have miscalculated the impact he still has on her though.
With Chase's support and the Abandanato Family's backing, Mil finds herself empowered enough to stand up and take control of the tatters of the De Lange Family, while keeping herself alive.
It is an absolute necessity to read the previous installments of the Eagle Elite Series, or you will easily get lost. The backstory is an intricate one, with a complicated network of mafia families in a worldwide hierarchy. Although this book has an ending all its own, the dynamics, the atmosphere and the relationships will all be lost on you if you don't understand a bit of the history. But this shouldn't be a hardship, Rachel Van Dyken is a fabulous author and these stories are very hard to put down once started!
✨A raw and primal struggle for love and survival.✨

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