Thursday, May 22, 2014

SALVATION by Stephanie Tyler

(Defiance Series #3)
by Stephanie Tyler
ARC Review
Released: May 12, 2014, Carina Press

My rating: 4.5 of 5 ⭐️

The restless feeling is back. Luna has not felt right since Bishop left Defiance to offer himself in a payoff for his best friend and the safety of his MC, but without ever saying goodbye to her. No longer able to sit around waiting for things to happen around her, Luna takes matters into her own hands, and sneaks off, unprotected, to find Bishop and bring him back.

The past few months in Keller's compound have been anything but easy on Bishop. Sure, as one of the top fighters, he was treated with all kinds of perks, but it was the added obligations to Keller that were slowly eating away at him. When Luna suddenly showed up at the compound, he was equal parts infuriated she had left safety behind, and elated he finally had her close to him.

Without any hesitation, and for both their protection, Bishop immediately claims Luna his old lady, realizing that Keller would not be letting her just walk out again. Faced with serving out Bishop's commitment along side him, Luna does her best to carve out a place of her own in this new and unsettled world. But things are not at all as they seem on the surface and soon Bishop and Luna are faced with decisions on a larger scale than they would have ever imagined.


I think out of all three Defiance books, this is my favorite to date!! 

In SALVATION, Stephanie Tyler manages to capture a temporary post-Chaos social structure, that seems to have formed, but is far from stable. Just under the surface is a constant shifting and positioning of strength, resources and power, that simply has not had time yet to firmly root itself, leaving the illusionary structures above-ground, mere stop-gap measures to subdue the masses and prevent total anarchy.

The delicate balance is in constant flux and people need to learn to let go of preconceived ideas and deep rooted beliefs, in order to create a workable future for everyone. The characters Stephanie Tyler created turn out to be potentially pivotal in that future.

Bishop has always been very clear on who he was and what he wanted and needed. There are no real guessing games when it comes to Bishop and he really doesn't make any excuses either. He knows the why and the how of who he is. He could have, but never wanted to force himself on Luna, preferring to wait for her to be able to accept all of him, just like he knew and accepted all of her right of the bat.

Luna was less self aware or secure. The people who should have protected her didn't when she was at her most vulnerable and that scarred her. She then was dinged a few more times by people she let close, who proceeded to abandon her, and she ended up simply shutting herself off. Except for the one person who always had her back, but he was safe. And then came Bishop and she recognized something in him from the first moment, it just took her a while to open herself up and accept it for the gift it was.

Two damaged individuals, grown strong on their own, formidable together once completely committed.

Fabulous writing by Stephanie Tyler, whose dystopian world is becoming more compelling and tangible with each book.

✨A single-minded love among mayhem.✨

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