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EDGE by Brenda Rothert

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(Fire on Ice #3)
by Brenda Rothert
ARC Review
Released: May 1st, 2014

My rating: 4 of 5 ⭐️

For a minute there, Luke Hudson though his NHL career was over, when a nasty knee on knee hit took him out of the game for two months. After some intensive physio and rehab, he is assigned to a minor team to test his ice-readiness, but the months without his stick in his hands and his skates on the ice have dinged his self-confidence. It's there that he is put in the capable hands of the team trainer, a feisty redhead by the name of Dell.

With a notorious NHL coach for a father, it shouldn't be a surprise that Adella Price ended up with a career in the hockey world, but she had made sure it was far from the extensive ready of her overbearing Dad. Determined to live her life on her own terms, Dell was quite happy taking care of the players of a minor league team. The guys didn't bother her too much and there were firm rules against fraternization in place. Something that had always served her well, that is, until Luke Hudson was assigned to her care.

After initially tagging Luke as a typical young NHL buck, she quickly learns there is much more under those ample muscles and she becomes invested in helping him get reinstated on his team. During their sessions, they develop a friendship and feelings that go above and beyond. But it isn't until Luke's form is back in prime condition and he is called up, that the fraternization ban no longer applies to them. And what had been smoldering under the surface, suddenly bursts into flame......... Just as Luke gets ready to leave.......


A fabulous and flammable hockey novel by the wonderful Brenda Rothert!

I so enjoy this series. The reappearance of Ryke and Kate was very welcome. They will continue to be my favorite couple, although Luke and Dell make up an awesome match as well. 

These two do a lot for each other in terms of development. Dell is rather stagnant and stunted in her personal life, in part due to her responsibilities and in part because of her continued strained relationship with her father. Luke, for all his 'player' qualities, shows great patience and gentle persuasion in trying to draw her out of her shell, their initial 'hands-off' policy going a long way to building Dell's trust.

Luke was a 'player', he does not deny that, but since his injury has not been in the frame of mind to party. And although he never really consciously considered himself to be at a point in his life to settle down, the fact that being in Dell's life would mean settling down doesn't really scare him. The fact that she carries certain responsibilities that might have sent him running with anyone else, don't deter him from pursuing Dell. 

Aside from the delicious heated undercurrent that builds up throughout some of the book, before it is allowed to burst free, there is a very sweet and caring component to the relationship between these two. A really intense need both ways to look out for each other that is as hot as their fiery chemistry is.

A few 'rough edges' for me would perhaps be Luke's family, who are introduced briefly, but then disappear from the novel, leaving me with a slightly unresolved feeling. As well as the fact that Dell had no idea who had caused the injury to Luke's knee, when logically, be it through the connection with her father's team or in her professional capacity or through the familial connection or even locker room gossip - which there would be plenty of - you would assume this type of information would have already made the rounds. Even before Luke arrived at the minor team's arena. 

Taking all this into account, Brenda Rothert has a way of pulling you so far into a story, you lose track of your surroundings and you start to visualize yourself part of the cast. I read EDGE in one sitting, no interruptions and when I turned the last page, I was almost shocked, looking around me, surprised at where I was and how late it had gotten, completely oblivious. Her style is smooth, mesmerizing and her characters so real and human, it is easy to get lost. I will never turn down a book written by Brenda. 

✨Sweet hockey heat with a bite!✨

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