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RENEGADE REJECT by Emily Hinton & Dawn Martens

Renegade Reject
(Renegade Sons MC #2)
by Emily Minton & Dawn Martens
ARC Review
Release: May 13, 2014

My review: 4 of 5 ⭐️

Rules of the club are that no one can touch Daisy, who grew up daughter and grandaughter of members, until she is eighteen. Living in a house with an alcoholic father and a hateful mother should have been enough to turn her away from club life for good, but one good look at Garrett "Preach" Austin as he comes to her rescue, is enough to have her reconsider.

Preach is a newly patched member to the Renegade Sons, who made the club his family to escape his abusive childhood. He is well aware of the club rules, but the moment he sets eyes on Daisy, he knows he is going to make her his. But first he has to make it through to her eighteenth birthday, and a lot can go wrong in two months.

With pressure from his brothers, Daisy's family, his own demons and the relentless manipulations of some enemies, it doesn't take long for Preach to reach his limit. He only wants what is best for Daisy, but ends up hurting her still. Until Daisy finally decides she has to make choices that are best for her and they don't seem to include him.

Now, when Preach seems to have reached bottom, he finally realizes he simply can't let Daisy turn her back. But with all he has done, how will he ever convince her to take another chance?


Holy DRAMA!!!!

When I read and reviewed RENEGADE LADY, I grumbled about the 'six missing years'. Well, I found em!! They're here!! At least some of them are. 

Ok, I really enjoy reading these books. The writing style is great, the language use is spot on, the characters are varied and interesting, but....... I find the genders are pretty generalized. 

Preach can't seem to help himself, but keeps sticking his Johnson in other women..... Oopsies!! It's the male urge thing... especially when they drink, they can't control anything....the animals!!! Puleeze!!! It just seems such a convenient MALE excuse that has been used and abused WAY too many times..... I'm a little tired of it. 
Preach is a bit of an idiot....... Let's face it, he KNOWS that for him to 'associate' with Daisy's 'former best friend' would be more devastating than anything, absolutely anything else he could come up with...... and what does the idiot do??? BINGO!! I don't care how sweet and loving he is when he is thinking straight..... what I care about is how effed up his brain is the other 90 % of the time!! 

And then there is Daisy, adored by many. Living in a very protective environment, the club, and yet she willingly suffers through the daily crap her mother puts her through. Why? Why would she stay in a place where she is forced to live like a dog and volunteer to pay for everything, take care of everything and be shit on for gratitude? Especially since there are loving grandparents and an entire MC who would be more than happy to stand at her back at any given moment to support her. Boggles my mind. And when it comes to Preach, she does it again, she allows him to walk all over her and I can't help but wonder, if she had an ounce of self-preservation.......of bite, she would've kicked him in the nuts right away and told him to get his act together or else..... 
In the end, when she finally tries to move on, he gets the message. 

As you can see....I got engaged with this story. So much so, I actually voiced my frustrations out loud and yelled "you idiot!!" at my Kindle at some point, I'm sure causing my husband to consider involuntary committment in a psychiatric facility, by the way he looked at me. I got emotional, I even cried a few times, which I don't do often. So here I am, trying to analyze what I'm thinking and what I'm feeling about RENEGADE REJECT and coming up with a rating that I can explain. 

I completely am sold on the writing style of Emily and Dawn and my disappearance into the story is witness to that. I am not totally convinced of the movement of the story, where there is intensity early on, then a whole lot of unnecessary drama, followed by a brief period of reconcilliation, this is much the same as in the first book and I hope it is not going to be a trend. I do love the brotherhood and family atmosphere reflected in this MC, and I am very happy for Ice, who is the only one who seems to break through the traditional gender types. 

I am hoping to see more of the Renegade Sons and Ice!!

✨Tender innocence ends in passionate, twisted turmoil.✨

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