Sunday, May 18, 2014

BURN by Callie Hart


(Blood & Roses #3)
by Callie Hart
ARC Review
Release: May 22, 2014

My rating: 5 of 5 ⭐️

Stuck in Julio's compound in the desert, Sloane knows she is close to finding her sister, if only she can make it through the next few days. But with Zeth edgier than she has seen him before, and Julio more than a little suspicious of both of them, Sloan really has to dig deep.

Finding his right-hand man captured by Julio, does nothing to settle Zeth, especially when he finds the man holding some unexpected information. The Widow Makers MC are also making their way to Julio's and it looks like they might be primed to spoil a party. Well, not if Zeth has anything to say about it.


Holy Cripes!! Does it ever let up ?? 

From the first word, we are thrown right back in the thick of things, with tension so high, it makes you want to chew your nails to the knuckle! Callie Hart doesn't beat around the bush, does she? Tosses you right in the deep end and it's swim or sink. Well, I swam and it was delicious and thrilling and so tantallizingly dangerous, coming to the last page was like getting drenched with a cold bucket of water. Noooooo, I have to wait again???

Sloane is growing some serious hair on her chest! The girl is surprising the heck out of herself and Zeth with her on the spot crisis-management and improvisation. Not that Zeth is always impressed with her methods, but he sure is impressed with her guts. And as for the scary man-God, he is turning almost human..... I said, almost. He is still cold and calculated when need be, but is developing a serious soft spot for a certain physician who, ironically, is growing some steel balls. Go figure.... It doesn't take anything away from the scrumptious hot friction between them. Au contraire, the shift in dynamics only adds to the spicy burn.

This story is like a vortex that sucks you in. You don't really want it to, because you know you won't get all the answers in this book, so you try to hold back a little as you read. Try not to lose yourself completely in the story, but it's absolutely useless. A page or two and you are gone. There is no stopping it. Damn you, Callie, for keeping hordes of us strung along like a bunch of starving pack hounds.... You know we will be nipping at your heels for the next one!

✨An edgy, graphic and salacious episode.✨

**Copy provided in return for an honest review.**

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