Friday, May 30, 2014


by Bella Jewel
ARC Review
Released: May 26, 2014

My rating: 5 of 5 ⭐️

Over a decade ago on a very ordinary day and without any preamble, Avery's happy family was torn apart with the disappearance off her mother. Left behind were Avery's father, who lost all resemblance to the man he once was, and her brother Liam, who's pain and anger had spiralled into self-destructive behaviour. And then there was Avery, who was carefully manouvreing between the people in her life, trying her best to keep the waters settled and holding the tatters of her family together. Living with the constant void had made Avery numb.

The only thing bringing her joy was her ballet, but even that came with strings attached. Until she met Nate at a party. A Champion Motocross rider, Nate lives on the highs of speed and thrills. He gets off on sucking the marrow out of life and he blows life back into Avery.

But Nate doesn't come without strings of his own, some that are impossible to untangle. And the harder they fight their growing feelings, the deeper Avery and Nate fall into an all-consuming love that seems to have no place to go. 


Ugly, ugly, ugly crying!!! Oh good lord.... not usually one to get super emotional, I BAWLED reading this book. Not kidding either. Holy flippin' batman!

Easily the best Bella Jewel book I've read!!  Whether or not you agree with some of the subject matter of this novel, there is absolutely no denying the absolute sensitivity and respect with which the topic is addressed and the high level of emotional intelligence evident in its content.

I don't want to say too much, because I really believe this is a book to be experienced. It is a story that evokes sadness, but it also brings about feelings of hope and faith. I was a rare emotional mess reading this.

Avery is almost a characterization of most women...... unknowingly self-sacrificing for the sake of family. Denying herself in favour of others......sound familiar? Not claiming anything for herself, in fact, almost feeling guilty if and when she does.

The same can be said for Nate, who carries responsibilities to the extreme, not necessarily typical of MOST men, but typical of a good man, who will at all cost protect what is his and who will fulfill his obligations to the end. Again, at whatever personal cost. 

Feelings are not that 'discriminating'.....they happen and they just are....All you can do is fight them or forget them. Avery and Nate try both.....see how that works for them.

Not everything is black and white, right or wrong. There are so many grey areas we are willing to acknowledge in our own backyard but not when we look into the world around us. This novel left me feeling wonderful about a horrible situation...... go figure!!

Fantastic novel...well worth the read, and don't allow yourself to get hung up by some of the subject matter. Read with empathy!!!

✨A true treasure.....✨

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