Monday, May 12, 2014

LONG FOR ME by Shiloh Walker

(Secrets & Shadows #0.7)
by Shiloh Walker
ARC Review
Release: May 13, 2014

My rating: 5 of 5 ⭐️

As youngest of the Bell family, Christina may have felt the disappearance of her mother deepest. Living the last fifteen years in limbo, not knowing what happened had taken a toll on her family and although her siblings had recently found ways to unglue themselves, Chris was still firmly stuck in a place where only the answers could propel her forward. 

Her brother's best friend, and extra child in their household, Guy Miller, had made himself invaluable to Chris over the years. From a miserable home  life himself, he found solace with the Bells and was taken in as one of their own. Their loss was his as well after the disappearance, and for Chris he had always been able to provide a source of great comfort.

But comfort is not all Guy is wanting to provide. His feelings over the years have grown way beyond anything sisterly and Chris has to recognize that the peace she finds in Guy's arms is not just because he is such a good guy. There is a strong chemistry they have both been trying to ignore and as clues to her mother's disappearance start coming to the surface, Chris seeks out Guy's company for more than just comfort.

Highly emotionally charged and morally complex story, told in a beautifully sensitive way by the very talented Shiloh Walker!

This is the third in a series of three novellas, chronicling the story of the three Bell children whose mother disappeared fifteen years ago, without a trace. Initially their father was suspected having a hand in her disappearance, but no evidence of any wrongdoing was ever found.

Their lives thus far have been marked and guided by this event and the three novellas illustrate how each of the siblings find there own way out from under the yolk of that burden.

Chris, the youngest, has the added misfortune that she has a condition which was not diagnosed until later in her school years, but it did cause her a lot of frustration in her youth. A lot of misunderstood behavioral issues and all during a period when the entire family was grieving not only the loss of a mother, but unsure of what role anyone else of the family might have played in that. An extremely turbulent situation which only contributed to more emotional noise for Chris, who could only be soothed by Guy.

Even as an adult, Guy would always be available and devoted to take care of Chris, whenever needed. Where her siblings would often rub her the wrong way, or try to control her responses or reactions, Guy would simply be and settle her. But it wasn't until some of the clouds of mystery around the disappearance of her mother started lifting, that Chris was willing to see what was really happening between herself and Guy. Almost like she was holding herself back until she could find some justice for her mother.

I can't say too much about Guy without giving too much away, but suffice it to say that the suffering for him in particular is not over yet. This man has had a hard life and it has not gotten easier, but it will, hopefully. He has been strong enough for Chris for years, now perhaps she can be strong enough for him.

So emotionally intricate, but with characters so admirable and strong, despite their struggles and baggage. Some of this story as a whole made my heart ache - for time wasted, for feelings hurt, for misunderstandings, for so many things over so many years that could've and should've been avoided. It really is a heartbreaking tale. But beautifully written and incredibly sexy at that.

✨A gut-wrenching, stirring and provocative answer.....✨

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