Tuesday, May 6, 2014

BETWEEN THE CRACKS by Helena Hunting

(Clipped Wings #1.5)
by Helena Hunting
ARC Review
Release: May 6, 2014

My rating: 4.5 of 5 ⭐️

This short novella serves as something of a bridge between CLIPPED WINGS and INKED ARMOR, chronicling the events immediately following Tenley's dramatic walkout from the point of view of Chris Zelter, good friend and colleague of Hayden at the tattoo shop. 

In CLIPPED WINGS, Chris had been starting to see Tenley's neighbor and friend, Sarah, taking things slow for a change. Known as a player, it had taken him some time before she would even agree to a date with him. He had his hands full comforting her after Tenley left, but when Hayden called hours later for his help, having been pulled over for speeding, Chris had no choice but to go help his friend get Tenley back. Luckily Sarah promised to be waiting for him when he got back, looking forward to them bringing her friend home. If only it were that easy.


I already was enamoured with Chris in the first book and had hoped he and Sarah would hit it off. There is a sensitivity to Chris that his history of behaviour does not necessarily support. This novella certainly gives us a nice little chunk of context to better place Chris in the full scope of the story, and I have a feeling we have just scraped the surface.

Sarah is another one who has deeper waters than we have been privy to so far, I think. Chris seems to pick up on a vulnerability underneath the slightly aggressive enamel she wears on the surface. I wonder if there is a story here, that we will get to see.

Not easy, rating a novella that is not really a story by itself, but is rather a bridge between two books, as well as the introduction of a new point of view. BETWEEN THE CRACKS has met its purpose and has enriched the scope of the entire Clipped Wings story thus far, with the addition of the third viewpoint. Giving us yet another layer peeled back, revealing more and more of the depth of the connections between the characters in this compelling story.

✨A spicy sweet mouthful of Chris & Sarah leading into Inked Armor....✨

**Copy provided for an honest review.**

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