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BLISS by Hilary Fields

BLISS by Hilary Fields
ARC Review
Published: November 19th, 2013, Redhook

My rating: 5 of 5 ⭐️

It's been a year since Serafina Wilde's rather public fall from grace. Or should I say forcible shove off a cliff, since that is more like what happened. 'Clean' as a whistle, eager for a fresh start and called upon by her free-loving aunt Pauline for help, Sera moves herself and her culinary expertise to Santa Fe. Having been raised in part by the very, very liberated Pauline, the somewhat more 'reserved' Sera should have suspected that the family business she is there to help with, consists mostly of dildos and buttplugs and anything else to maximize the female orgasm.......her aunt Pauline's ultimate goal in life.

Despite her initial misgivings, Sera finds herself enamoured with the store's quaint location and promising interior. And when her aunt proposes a combined invasion of the senses, through taste and touch, by turning the front of the store into a bakery, all Sera needed to be convinced was one good look at her delectable hunk of a landlord and neighbour! 

Impassioned with the new concept and bolstered by the support of new friends, Sera sets out to bring the bakery/sex shop to life in short order, while at the same time setting out a new and exciting path for herself. That is, until the slimebucket that shoved her off that cliff a year ago, decides to make an appearance.........


Absolutely delightful!!!!! I cannot recommend this story enough!! A MUST read!!

It is creative, outlandish, insightful, succulent and extremely tasty!! ALL of its characters are utterly charming and so well portrayed I can picture them easily. From aunt Pauline's gay lover, Horsey, to gruff pie-baker Malcolm.....each and everyone comes with such a rich personality, they pop off the pages! 

Underneath the hilarious dialogues and antics, play some deep emotional stories that are not skipped over, but seriously considered in a less dark manner than we are perhaps used to. There is an overall sense of acceptance in this story, with these characters, that allows for failure and grief and mistakes to be absorbed as a normal part of life's pattern. It allows for healing and change and improvement, without guilt or recrimination. We have humour, food, sex, friends, proverbial beating-of-the-bad-guy, and puppies!! Did I mention sex?? Brilliant!

I laughed hard......and I teared up here and there, but never for long. The positive attitude in this book carries and it is an absolute blast to read!!!

Vibrant, scrumptious and stimulating Bliss, where taste and touch collide!✨

**ARC provided by NetGalley and Redhook in return for an honest review.**

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