Thursday, November 21, 2013


(The Aces MC #1)
by Nicole Jacquelyn
Published: August , 2013

My rating: 4 of 5 ⭐️

Having grown up as the daughter of the VP of  The Aces MC, Brenna leaves her dad and club behind, not wanting to spend her her future as somebody's old lady, patiently waiting at home for her man to come home, stinking of some club whore's perfume. She has also just spent the night with a new full member, Dragon, without telling him he was about to screw a club princess. Not cool and she knows it, if found out, he may not survive that breach of trust. From the frying pan into the flames, she finds herself pregnant with Dragon's baby, and ends up marrying a guy she had been casually dating at college. 

Five years later, narrowly escaping her horribly abusive husband, Brenna shows up at the MC compound's gates, where her reception is mixed. One look at her daughter makes it obvious to everyone who the father is and the five year old indiscretion kept secret all these years is out in the open, with all of its consequences.

Dragon is beside himself, not only is he pissed at her for up and disappearing on him after the best night of his life all those years ago, but he is furious she obviously had kept his kid from him all this time. He realizes there would be repercussions now that it was clear he had broken club trust, but he is less worried about that than he was keeping Brenna and his daughter safe from her crazy husband. He isn't going to think about what she still manages to do to his heart after all this time....


Wow again!! And the MC stunners just keep coming!!

My list of new series to follow is getting so long, but I can't see any way around leaving this one out!!! It's good!! 

It has all of the required elements, hot tattooed gruff Alpha biker dude, who has his heart melted by a little waif of a four-year old girl. Yup, sold! The other thing attractive to me, is the guys that DONT necessarily fall for the tall, slim, blonde stacked Barbie dolls....thank the Lord for that!! Makes those of us who don't fall into those measurements a little better about ourselves! Also, despite the rough and violent nature of most of the men portrayed, violence against women or children is heavily frowned upon. The women, with a few exceptions, are generally savvy and smart and not pushovers. This book describes very hot and sweaty sex!! Absolutely NOTHING wrong with that!!!

Dragon here, although he doesn't mind a Barbie doll for some good old-fashioned bedroom entertainment, doesn't 'fall' for them....he falls for Brenna! who is a short, tiny little freckled curly redhead with leftover pregnancy curves.... YAY!!!! For all of us 'normal females!
Brenna is initially a bit of a selfish brat, when she first meets Dragon. I guess growing up as an MC princess, you become a little spoiled. She never stops to consider that her actions may also have a ripple effect in the lives of others. She doesn't realize that until she discovers she is pregnant, and then she starts overthinking it so much, that she takes choices away from others, convincing herself she is protecting them. She isn't the strongest of women, although she is a lioness when it comes to her child. It again is not that surprising, given the environment she grew up in; The women nurture and the men take care of and protect.  

There is a list of interesting characters, some of whom I'm sure will be featured in upcoming books in this series, as well as some whose stories promise to be an ongoing red thread through the length of the series. We are getting a tiny little hint towards the end of who we might see as the protagonists in the next instalment, and I can't wait!!

✨A chilling, bold, carnal yet loving story of coming home.✨

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