Wednesday, November 27, 2013

STORM by Nina Levine

STORM (Storm MC #1) 
by Nina Levine

  • ARC Review
Published: November 26, 2013, Nina Levine

My Rating: 4.5 of 5 ⭐️ 

It's been two years since Madison Cole walked away from everything she knew, and created a brand new life for herself. No more addiction, no more bikers, no more family, no more Storm Motorcycle Club and no more broken heart. Just a good group of friends, a great job and an awesome roommate. That is, until she gets word that the MC is under threat and the family is afraid for her safety. Despite her protests, they insist on sending someone to collect her. When it is J who walks in the door, Madison's heart almost falls apart again.

Jason Reilly, or J, knew this wasn't going to be easy. The way he left things with Madison two years ago guaranteed as much. He was given no choice at the time, but Madison didn't know that. She also had no clue that despite his efforts, he had never been able to get over her. J was as affected by her as he ever was. Now he needs to try and convince her of the danger she is in is real, so she will return home with him. Hearing the young daughter of a friend of hers may need her, is enough to get her on the back of his bike and having her arms wrapped around him again feels damn good!

Returning to the Storm MC compound leaves Madison with mixed emotions. She loves seeing some of her old friends, but is not too excited about her reunion with her father, president of the club. Being back also helps stir up the old feelings she discovers she still has for J. Before long their passion flares up as hot and bright as it always was, just as their tempers. Madison can't deny that their connection is as strong as ever, but to find a way forward they will have some fierce battles ahead.

When old mistakes, a rival gang and family secrets take their turn in adding fuel to the fire and making life even more complicated, they may be lucky to make it out alive!


So FLIPPING good!! Ohhhhh, this is gonna be a good series!! But I'm gonna hate having to wait for the next one......

Now, I love MC stories, generally they deal with hot tattoed bikers, who live mostly by their own rules, and their mouthy irreverent funky women, who appreciate being treasured by such dominant Alpha males, and still maintain pretty strong identities. This story is no different in that respect, except here we have a few variants. 

First off, the story takes place in Australia, mostly in Brisbane, which the MC calls home. I love that! Not that it is that much different, but I love those Aussie men, and the idea of a hot Aussie biker is even better!!!! 

Secondly, we have a strong independent female lead character, who is willing to make some concessions that go against her feminist instincts/beliefs, in order to create a workable relationship, and do so without losing her individuality or her indepence. Of course she is not the only one to make concessions, big Alpha biker guy makes some of his own. He was raised in an environment where the men don't have accountability to their women, not about where they go, what they are involved with or when they will be back. It's not easy, but compromises are made by both Madison and J. We don't often see a couple separating themselves by setting their own rules, rather than following the MC's.....

This is what makes the potential of this series so bloody interesting!!! There are so many directions for it to go in!! 

Excellent writing by Nina Levine. Strong, clear, no nonsense language, just the way I like it. No unnecessary frills and ruffles and deliciously hot and sweaty sex!!! Very descriptive, and very raw!!

A kick-ass, blistering-hot and intense biker book!!

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