Wednesday, November 20, 2013

TEASE by Missy Johnson

by Missy Johnson
ARC Review
Published: November 20, 2013, Missy Johnson

My rating: 4 of 5 ⭐️

Starting in college, Coop discovered he had a become whatever women needed to get satisfaction. In fact, he made good money slipping into the different personas. It doesn't matter to him, he loves women of all shapes and ages, and they love him. He also loves sex and is not interested in any kind of permanent attachments, only in the immediate satisfaction he can give his clients and his own gratification. Oh, and of course the money, which is the whole reason he started doing this in the first place.

Other than his clients and his best friends, no one, and certainly not his family, knows what he actually does for a living. So far he has been able to work his cover story, but he knows that will not last forever. He is lucky that most of his clients are as allergic to publicity as he is. His family is the reason he needs the money, they are why he does this........well, and to be honest, he isn't complaining, he loves his job.

A teenage crush, his sister's childhood friend Mia, suddenly reappears in his life in a big way. A crush he thought he was long over, but his body apparently never got the memo.
She has as much of an impact now as she did then, perhaps even more. And although every fibre in his body is screaming to touch her, he knows he can't, not with his profession hanging around his neck like an albatross. She will never accept that.

When Mia makes it clear he is not the only one holding back, they both act on the obvious sexual tension between them. But Coop knows, he will never be able to keep his two lives separated for long.....


I need a bucket of ICE!!! This book was capital letters.....and in a huge variety of ways to appease many interests.

If I were to judge only based on the heat factor, I would likely have rated the book five stars, since Missy Johnson sure knows how to describe a lusty sex scene in a way that tingles right down to your toes!!! YOWZA!!!

The storyline was also quite an interesting one and held a strong enough structure to fit all this yummy sex onto, without losing the frame of the story. Even the supporting cast was interesting in a subliminal way, not particularly fleshed out, but varied enough to set up the main characters nicely.

And that is where I run into a bit of a snag........both Coop and Mia, the leads in this story, remain rather two-dimensional. Yes, there is some attempt made at deepening their personas, but I still find too much lacking.
In Coop's case, despite his noble intentions, he remains a somewhat superficial and self-involved character who doesn't seem able to consider much more than his own satisfaction, whether it be HIS goal (noble as the cause may be) or HIS sexual or emotional gratification. And in the end he can't even make the appropriate choices for himself, but needs rescue.
For Mia there just isn't enough context in the book. Now the entire story is written from Coop's perspective, which, though interesting, doesn't allow us much insight into Mia's history, or emotional state. We find out very little about where she comes from, what her life has been like thus far, or even what causes her to change her mind when she decides to give Coop a chance.

All in all, a well-written book, with very high marks on the erotic scale, a solid and compelling storyline and characters I had a bit of trouble connecting with but that offered interesting possibilities!

✨Highly stimulating, descriptive and tantalizing tale!✨

**ARC provided in return for an honest review.**

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