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Roman Holiday Serial
ARC Review
Published: November 11, 2013, Loveswept

My rating: 4 of 5 ⭐️

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Still in shock from the discovery of her grandmother's passing, Ashley Bowman gets hit with the next disaster; Unbeknownst to her, grandma had sold the Florida vacation rental properties that had always been Ashley safe haven, to some big shot developer who was planning to plot them down! Well not on Ashley's watch! There isn't much she can think of but to chain herself somewhere on the property so they would have to bulldoze her down with it!! She probably should have put some more thought into it, before she went ahead and did it though.

Roman Diaz doesn't think the little waif of a protester chained to a tree will hold up things for too long. He is eager to get this project off the floor, and his investor is chomping at the bit. He hadn't counted on the scrappy blonde to have such a wide stubborn streak. When a hurricane is announced, he thinks he has the upper hand, until dirt-streaked Ashley manages to wiggle her way on top......


It is difficult rating a short that is part of a serial, not having even a close to complete picture of the story or the characters, you have to decide whether what you were given, was enough to make you hungry for the next installment. Well..........Ruthie Knox left me starved!!! 

With characters who she was able to give form and context to, a storyline we are dropped into, but is rapidly filled in and an unlikely chemistry already brewing, between Ashley and Roman who are seemingly perched on opposite ends of the spectrum. All this in only the first instalment. 

Ashley is desparately hanging on to her grandmother's little resort, which represents so much more than just a property to her. It was her childhood, her safe haven, her grandmother's memory and it was supposed to be her future as well. All of her is threatened when the demolition crew moves in, quite literally.

Roman is obviously a self-made man who pulled himself out of a less than ideal background, but has had to play hardball to get there. He has built himself up, along with his business, with all the right trimmings. But no matter how thick the layers, the person inside doesn't disappear. And that person recognizes the desperation and determination in Ashley.

This promises to be a good one!! Normally not a fan of serials, I'll be a good girl, and patiently wait with everyone else for the next one to come out.......*sigh*

✨A witty, animated and stormy start to this sexy new serial!!✨

**ARC courtesy of NetGalley and Loveswept in return for an honest review.**

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