Tuesday, November 12, 2013


by Debra Anastasia
ARC Review
Published: October 29, 2013, Omnific Publishing

My rating: 5 of 5 ⭐️

100% of the proceeds generated from sales the novella Late Night with Andres will be donated by Debra Anastasia, Omnific Publishing, and all the staff members involved, to to assist in the battle against breast cancer—because cancer sucks.

Finding herself locked up in a dressing room with a rock star and a gun-toting lunatic, was SO not how Milla Kierce had envisioned this night going! Having gained some popularity, or perhaps notoriety is the better word, over recent posts on her blog, she had been invited for a spot on a late-night show. Her first time. Ever. Also her first time ever to have to duck and hide for flying bullets when the gunfire erupted in the building.

Tired of doing the dog and pony show his fame brought him, rock star Gage Daxson is not looking forward to another late show appearance. His gloomy reverie is rudely interrupted by a madman who starts shooting randomly, and he dives into the first open dressing room to find a girl cowering behind some baked goods. He urges her to be quiet when he sees recognition dawn on her face. Great. Especially when shortly following that, tearful hysterics threaten.

Inevitably the deranged gunman plows his way through their haphazardly thrown up barricade in front of the door, and is intent on finding the object of his revenge. Gage and Milla will do anything to sidetrack him, they have little choice, including following his orders. Even if that means getting very close and intimate with each other.....


What a rush!!!! I ❤️ Debra Anastasia in a BIG way!!! 

The powerful and unique blend of magic that she weaves, is evident again in this short story. The daring way she throws every emotion into play, never pulling any punches, not afraid to use hilarity or even eroticism to lighten up or heat up a dark and terrifying situation. And the kicker is: It doesn't diminish the horror of the situation at all..... No, it emphasizes by the contrast it creates! Very courageous....I love it! 

In a relatively limited number of pages, we get a decent grip on who the characters are, without knowing their entire story. We know enough to be able to place them in the appropriate context for the purposes of this story told. 

Milla is a bit of a loner. Not used to dressing up or going out much, is more comfortable in her existence as a writer behind her computer, an anonymous contributor to society. Being given the opportunity to go 'public' on TV is a big stepping out for her. 

Gage is in over his head and has been for a while. He had no idea that fame and fortune came with the loss of any and all privacy, personal time, himself. He almost lost the passion that started his journey in the first place.

The subtle background of this story illustrates three perspectives on fame; One has never tasted and is curious; Two has had more than his share and is sick of it, and ; Three is constantly fighting and scrapping for it, regardless of expense to wallet, person or life. Number Three you will meet in the book. 

A collection of hair-raising events, toe-curling interludes, and heart-melting moments make up this darkly dynamic knockout story!

✨Highly animated, intensely chilling and hysterically funny!✨

**ARC provided in return for an honest review.**

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