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TAKE A CHANCE Bundle by Diane Alberts
ARC Review
Published: November 25, 2013, Entangled Publishing

My rating: 3.5 of 5 ⭐️


Sergeant Jeremy Addison finds himself on the side of a road in the middle of the desert after what apparently was a rough night, hung over and busted up. When a car stops beside him the last person he expects to step out is his old friend's little sister Erica, except Erica Is not so little anymore. Last time he saw her was seven years ago when he declared his feelings and she ran off. 

He was bigger and more gorgeous than she remembers, despite the disheveled and bruised appearance. Erica thought she had gotten over her feelings for Jeremy, but they came flying back as if the past seven years never happened. Except they did, and things are very different now, she knows nothing about him, and he certainly doesn't know her anymore.

Leaving him in the middle of the desert is not an option, so Erica takes him home to help him clean up. Despite trying to keep their distance, the past feelings won't be subdued and before you know it they find themselves lip locked. But Erica, afraid Jeremy won't like what he'll discover, puts the brakes on. Jeremy doesn't give up that easily, though.......
✨a sweet and spicy story of forgiveness.✨



Not a stranger to Vegas, Thomas Jones wasn't there visitng his siter this time, but trying to close a deal on a new account with a casino. His contact turns out to be the gorgeous and spunky Brianna Falk, who peaks his interest right off the bat. She intrigues him, showing flashes of a fiery temperament under that buttoned down corporate persona. He's not quite sure why, but he feels the need to find out more about her.

Very protective of her job and in particular her private life, Brianna does her best to keep things on a professional level with Thomas. But he manages to shake her up with his playful and flirty behaviour, while at the same time impressing her with his business proposal. She is convinced he is the one she wants to take on to take care of their marketing needs, but not so sure she wants to take the bait on going out on a date with him.

Thomas is nothing if not persistent, and just will not take no for an answer. He really surprises Brianna when he discovers her secret and seems to take it all in stride. Perhaps she should give him a chance....

✨Playful, passionate and poignant.✨



When single mom, Kiersten Worth caught her fiancรฉe banging his secretary a year ago, she decided right there and then, that love and relationships were just not her thing. To mark the one year anniversary of what should have been the happiest day of her life, she is planning a one night event with no consequences or strings. And she knows just the guy to let loose with!!!

Garrett Kelly has known the Worth family since they were all in high school. Mike and he are best buds and coach the basketball team together, and Kiersten's son Chris is one of their top players. When Kiersten comes on to Garrett one night, he doesn't need much convincing for the hot night she has in mind, Garrett has carried a silent torch for Kiersten for many years now. Disappointed to find out he was only used for a one-night release, he has a hard time turning back the clock to 'just friends'.

When after three months Kiersten suddenly shows up at his house to announce they are pregnant, he quickly gets over the initial shock and finds himself immediately wanting to 'man up' to the task of fatherhood. He makes the  rather unusual suggestion to live and raise the baby, and Kiersten's son Chris, together as a family, but not as a couple. 

Kiersten initially objects, but when she sees how sincere Garrett is in wanting to be involved in his child's life and after having worked out some of the logistics, she gives in. Now if only she could let go of the fear of giving her heart again.

 ✨Well-written, mellow and seductive.✨



Teacher, coach and self-proclaimed eternal bachelor, Mike Worth, finds himself inexplicably married to a beautiful, long-legged Vegas dancer one morning. He had met Morgan by chance at his best friend's bachelor party they both had been very clear that long term commitment was not something either of them aspired to. So what the hell happened? 

Morgan Collins grew up knowing that dance would be number one in her life. Aware that her window for success was a narrow one, she hadn't planned on any distractions. And now she was married! Never get drunk in Vegas! She can't deny that Mike makes her feel things she has no business feeling if her focus is to remain on her career, but still. Marriage? It is all she never wanted.

After giving it some thought, Mike convinces Morgan that since they seem to have such a great physical chemistry, to give this marriage a week and let it play out. Have a one-week honeymoon an then reassess. But when in that week all Morgan's career dreams seem to come true! will she stick out their agreement??

✨A short, sexy and turbulent tale of adaptation.✨


A great bundle of short, hot and light-hearted stories, easy to pick up!!
All are individual stories but the characters portrayed all connect through family or friendship and are placed in chronological order in the bundle.

In each of the stories there is some visible character growth, some adjustment of thinking on the part of the protagonists usually with their counterparts as the catalyst for that change. 
The stories are written from a dual point of view which gives you a better idea of context. I personally find this very helpful, especially in the shorter stories, because there is not a lot of time to develop any backstory of substance. The inner dialogue of each of the main characters becomes an important point to gage the situation.

Overall I think this was a fun bundle to read, not too demanding, with some tingly heat and a sweet aftertaste!!

✨A delightful, touching and steamy bundle!✨

**ARC provided in return for an honest review.**  Barnes&Noble


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