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RHYTHM OF THREE (Rule Of Three #2) by Kelly Jamieson

(Rule Of Three #2)
by Kelly Jamieson
Published: October 29, 2013, Samhain Publishing

My rating: 4.5 of 5 ⭐️

This is the happily ever after for Kassidy, Chris and Dag.......or is it??

When we first met these three, Chris and Kassidy were in a committed relationship, and had just bought a condo together. Kassidy was always a bit of a good, straightlaced girl, Chris a man's man, and then came Dag, Chris' friend since forever, and about as unconventional as they come. Having always secretly carried a torch for Chris, Dag had hoped to return home to find him single, but instead he finds him with Kassidy. Quite comfortable with his sexuality, Dag is not adverse to sharing Kassidy, if it brings him closer to Chris as well. It takes some convincing and seducing of the two more conventional participants to this ménage, but the temptation is strong and the feelings they develop for each of the others are undeniable. Even Chris eventually has to admit to his more than 'friendly' feelings for Dag, and a complicated committed relationship is born.

We pick up right after the three of them have had their first true and complete ménage experience. And before the dust has even settled, and they can get their head a around the logistics of a functioning three-way relationship, the realities of day to day living starts encroaching on their secure bubble. 

Chris, for whom the transition may well have the biggest emotional impact, has to contend with an unexpected visit from his parents. While Kassidy does her best to keep her living situation secret from her friends for now, without much success. 

It soon becomes clear that living in a committed three way relationship will never be easy, or quietly accepted by all, and it takes every bit of love and support they can give each other to carry it off!


I am sooooo happy Kelly decided to write a follow up on "RULE OF THREE". Not because the book was open ended, but because the situation was such a unique one, that it deserved some exploration beyond the standard HEA. Especially since theirs is a most unconventional relationship.

Dag most certainly is the most comfortable and laid back with the whole situation, but that is his stand in life anyway. He never apologized for his sexuality or his lifestyle. He lives and loves hard and with easy abandon. There is a nurturer in Dag.

Kassidy is a worrier who wants everyone to be happy, and will check to make sure no one feels left out. She is a mediator. She also will take herself out of any equation before she would allow any pain on either of her men. She is the caretaker.

Chris is the hardest nut. He had to take the biggest leap of all, but is able to appreciate the incredible richness it brings him. He needs the control he craves more than ever, though, in order to maintain some semblance of himself. I see Chris as the Alpha protector.

Once again the sexual encounters are off the charts hot and so unbelievably erotic, while at the same time completely loving and intimate. Kelly has the ability to make sweaty, messy, dirty sex deliciously gorgeous!! It's a talent!!!

With every book of. Kelly Jamieson I read, I appreciate more and more the insight in the human psyche she displays. Complexities of relationships, not just between lovers, but friends and families. She can pin point potential areas of tension and stress and builds great stories around those. I adore her books....

✨An intuitive, sensual and provocative tale in the struggle for acceptance.✨

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