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THE EDGE OF ALWAYS by J. A. Redmerski

THE EDGE OF ALWAYS by J. A. Redmerski
ARC Review
Published: November 5, 2013, Forever

My Rating: 4.5 of 5 ⭐️

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Life is certainly looking up from when Camryn Bennett first met Andrew Parrish. They had some really difficult times in the past five months, but so far everything was looking good, although they stopped travelling. Not quite sure where they were eventually going to end up, Camryn wants to be close to her mom and Nat and Andrew is happy wherever Camryn is. 

Neither need much to live, and they are happy picking up work as they need it. But their sense of settled happiness is short lived, when yet another tragedy befalls them. Camryn seems off, avoiding to discuss or process their misfortune, trying to force life back into a pattern. Instead, she slowly seems to disappear from Andrews grasp and he is shocked when he realizes how deep her denial runs.

The only thing he knows to do is to once again pull away all predictability and set out on a new journey. They have their love, and trust in each other and they will try to rediscover their passion for life and their determination to carve out their own unique path in life, without fear. 


A worthy sequel to THE EDGE OF NEVER!  Beautifully written, again with that unique perspective on life, this time as wanderlust and the need to settle are at odds.

The concept of living in the moment is something that has come to Andrew as natural as breathing. For Camryn it has taken some adjustment, she isn't as emotionally 'free' as she appears to be. Camryn's coping mechanism has historically been avoidance, with as a result that she has some deep rooted unresolved grief that holds her hostage and prevents her from truly moving forward. 

Andrew often understands Camryn better than she understands herself and he tries to find ways to help her come to terms with her past and current pain, without pushing her too hard. He has his own fears to deal with, but they seem to diminish next to the extent of Camryn's anxiety. Andrew is the ultimate facilitator and protector and carries wisdom well beyond his years.

The story brings us all the way through to what would probably be their mid-life, where circumstances once again allow them to reinvent the content of their lives. The lessons are no less valuable in this book than they were in the first. Regardless of your life circumstances, you always have choices, you can always give create the life that you want. All you need is a creative, adaptable, hungry and open mind, and the possibilities are endless. 

Amazing messages; pitting 'need' against 'want', valuing experiences over possessions, maximizing choices and minimizing obligations and filling needs instead of creating them. 

✨A rich, moving, sensual and liberating journey of love✨

**ARC courtesy of NetGalley and Forever in return for an honest review.**

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