Tuesday, November 26, 2013


by Jennifer Probst
ARC Review
Published: November 24, 2013, Simon and Schuster

My rating: 4 of 5 ⭐️

The smartest thing Kate has ever done, was go into the matchmaking business with her two college friends. They each have their unique qualities to bring to the table and since Kate's extra-sensory 'gift' when it comes to romantic connections, seems to work on everyone but her, at least she can put it to good use. The business is a success.....her love life not so much......or rather, not. As in it doesn't exist and Kate is done looking. 

When Slade finds out his sister, who hasn't had the best of luck with men, has signed up with a dating service, every protective instinct screams to life. As a divorce lawyer and from his own life experiences, Slade has lost all faith in a happily ever after, and he certainly had no faith in those money sucking matchmaking scams that called themselves businesses. He was not about to have them take advantage of his sister!

When Slade walks into the Kinnection offices and confronts Kate, accusing her of running a scam, he is surprised at her calm business-like demeanor. He can see there are moments he is able to rattle her, but she doesn't seem to be afraid of his legal threats, in fact, Kate accepts his challenge to find him 'love', when she knows full-well he is a non-believer. 

It doesn't take long for Kate to wonder what she has gotten herself into. The annoyingly arrogant and extremely sexy Slade is starting to get under her skin with all his little come-ons and innuendo. She can't tell if he is toying with her or not. But one thing she knows for sure, there is no way she can let him touch her. She is afraid sparks may finally start flying for her...... 

Slade generally gets what he wants, and for right now, his focus has fallen on Kate, so he is not easily put off.  But when it becomes clear that Kate thinks, feels and dreams further than just 'right now',  it becomes time for Slade to reassess.....


A wonderful spirited and witty romance with a hint of magic!!! 

A fresh light read by Jennifer Probst, pairing a hopeful romantic with a selfrighteous cynic. Or should I say 'pitting against', instead of 'pairing with'.....since the two go a fair number of rounds in this story, each doing their best to prove the other wrong.

Kate is a bit of a hopeless closet romantic. She has safeguarded a lot of herself, preserving it for the 'right one', just to be shot down again and again. Her 'gift' so far has only worked for others and never for herself. At twenty-six, she is ready and open to love in her life, but doesn't trust it is there. After all she grew up with a mother who, after loving and losing a husband, spent the rest of her years sexually 'healing and educating' a large portion of the male population, perpetually stuck in her role as flower child of the sixties. 

Slade had one extremely sour experience and that tainted his outlook, not to mention every divorce case that has passed over his desk since. He sees every one of them as justification for his stance on marriage and long term commitment. Even wanting Kate the way he does, with the urgency he does, he still can't see anything beyond the here and now. He will learn soon enough that control is an illusion and avoiding happiness for the sake of control is a ridiculous proposition. 

I love the atmosphere of the book, the way the three friends, all so different in make up and character, meld so well and make for an interesting blend that promises more delicious books in the future!  I can't wait to see the savvy and sleek Kennedy or the earthy and insightful Arilyn hooked up with matches of their own. 

But my favorite character of all is Robert, who shows impeccable judgement of character, a great appetite for life and an unconditional ability for love!!

✨A spunky, imaginative and sexy tale of an improbable match.✨

**ARC provided by NetGalley and Simon & Schuster in return for an honest review.**

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