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by Dana Marton 
Published: November, 2013


My overall rating: 4 of 5 ⭐

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Individual reviews for each book!!

DEATHWATCH (Broslin Creek Series #1) by Dana Marton

Kate has spent the last year or so, running and hiding from one of the FBI's most wanted assassins. Just her 'luck' that she happened to be the only person left alive to be able to identify him, but no one was supposed to know that. Even her family thought she was dead, after an attack on her life was almost successful and the FBI took the opportunity to stage her funeral. The only one who didn't buy into her 'death' was the one person they needed to believe it. And so she was on the run, changing her last name over and over, never staying in one place too long, not trusting anyone, not the police, not the FBI. Not giving the killer any chance to catch up with her!

Murphy Dolan couldn't be more surprised then to come home, exhausted from his second tour of duty with the Army Reserves, to find an almost naked beautiful stranger in his bed, looking right at home! Well, except for the less than welcoming gun she is pointing in his direction....... She is obviously scared out of her mind, and it doesn't take long for Murphy's protective instincts to come alive.......along with some other assorted, long neglected, parts of his anatomy! Not fully cleared for return to his duties as a police officer, he focuses instead on the stranger in his house.

After some initial issues of mistrust, both quickly come to the realization that some things are better faced together. Kate explains she is on the run, and Murphy vows to protect her and teach her how to protect herself. What they hadn't counted on, was that protection was needed sooner than they thought! And they were trying so hard not to get distracted with each other......

Fast-paced, exciting, great character selection and wonderful chemistry!! Dana Marton does it again!

Very well-written with all the right components that one would look for in a quality romantic suspense novella. And despite the fact that it was a novella, Dana Marton still takes great care that both main characters are well fleshed out, with enough history and insight to place them both in the appropriate context. I love that!!!

I admit, I'm a big fan of the genre, and in particular of Dana Marton. This is the third of her books I have reviewed and won't hesitate to recommend!

✨A fast, spine-tingling and dreamy good read!!✨


DEATHSCAPE (Broslin Creek Series #2) by Dana Marton

He is filling his museum, his legacy, with masterpieces created with human remains he has spent years collecting. He zeroes in on his victims, takes what he needs from them and discards the rest of their remains for the police to find.

Ever since serial killer Blackwell killed his sister, detective Jack Sullivan has devoted his life and police career to tracking him down. Until he finds himself trapped by the very man he is trying to catch, but instead of killing Jack, Blackwell buries him alive.

Ashley Price is an artist, trying to get her life back together after a near death experience a year ago. She desperately wants to get healthy enough to provide a stable home for her daughter. 
When in her studio trying to put her brush to canvass, she is overcome with a blind urge to paint, almost in a trance. Wen she sees what she has done, she recognizes the place she has painted......a place right on the edge of her property, and a man in a grave.....with his eyes open.

Ashley manages to find and rescue Jack from his shallow grave, but is unable to explain how she knew where to find him. She automatically becomes a suspect.
Although Jack doesn't believe the woman who saved him is the killer, he thinks she must be connected to him somehow and he is torn between attraction and mistrust.

Wow.....obsessed to the exclusion of everything else, that's Jack, but you can't really blame him. Although in the course of the story his vision becomes broader, to include Ashley and hier daughter. At first as a possible lead, but later as his to protect.

Although in hindsight there were hints, the outcome was still a surprise! 

Great thrill ride, from the first page on!!


DEATHTRAP (Broslin Creek Series #3) by Dana Marton

After having spent most of her life treated like glass due to a serious heart condition, Sophie Curtis is finally learning to make her own decisions and building her own life with a brand new healthy, strong heart beating in her chest. Her mother doesn't think it's natural and her ex-boyfriend preferred her dependent on him, but she is determined to meet any and all challenges on her own terms. That includes dealing with that terrifyingly large dog that followed her home.

Chief of Police, Ethan Bing, hasn't been much for socializing since his wife's murder two years ago. Right now he is investigating the murder of another woman and discovered there may be a connection between the two, and that is all that occupies his mind. But when a woman with a riot of red curls stares curiously at his house and then almost faints, he feels the urge to strike up a conversation and offers his help finding the owner of a lost dog she found.

In talking with Sophie, Ethan discovers that she has had some visits from, what appears to be, a peeping Tom, and he urges her to take some safety measures. One night they find Sophie's flowers destroyed and her house broken into and vandalized and Ethan's protective instincts go in overdrive. Sophie is bonding not only with Ethan, but also with Peaches.....the terrifyingly large dog, who has slowly found his way into her house.

It appears, even as discoveries that are made during the murder investigations drive Sophie and Ethan apart, nothing can keep Ethan away when Sophie is at risk.


It pulled on my emotions!!!  A fantastic, intricate thriller, a beautiful sub-plot, well written with great sensitivity to difficult subject matter!! 

I was hooked on both main characters right from the get go. Both so understandable and loveable. The idea of this semi-innocent but determined grown woman with a dyed in the wool, rugged police chief is just so charming. And the perfect!

✨Absolutely loved this book, no reservation whatsoever!!✨

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