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ALABAMA SONS (The Sons Trilogy #1) by E. A. Whitehead

(The Sons Trilogy #1)
by E. A. Whitehead
ARC review
Published: January 20, 2014

My rating: 4 of 5 ⭐️

Three years ago Penny Wilmot and her father suffered a great loss as a result of an accident. It is not something she talks about. Deciding to have spent enough time hiding out on the U-pick farm she runs with her father and her best friend Boone, she heads out for a night on the town with her wild and crazy friend Darla. 

After the death of his mother, Jackson Hawkes promised himself two things, he would follow his dream - to make music - and he wanted to find the father he had never known. Well he was making music, when he wasn't working and was trying hard to find a band, when he bumped into Penny. 

Initially reluctant, Penny quickly gives in to the sweetly endearing and obviously attracted Jackson. Neither very experienced with real relationships, they take their first slow shaky steps trying not to overstep boundaries too quickly or make any wrong moves. 

Over the course of the summer, as their connection grows deeper, they discover that they may have a connection neither of them were aware of.  One that is threatening to bring back all the old darkness and break them apart....


A wonderful writing style creating a setting I had no trouble picturing from the start. Great mood setting and atmosphere, an intriguing story line that provides some shocking twists and turns that were totally unexpected. And a sweet and at times heart-breaking love story.

Even though this is the first book in a trilogy, it does not leave off with a cliffhanger....thank goodness!!! But it is clear (at least to me) that the story is not quite done yet. 

Part of the reason for not giving a full five star rating is that the story is still developing and some aspects of the main characters' mind space has been hidden from the reader, opening up only toward the end of the book. I am sure that by the end if the trilogy the full context of each individual character will be clear, but it is difficult to give a full rating based on half the information, so I can only rate based on what I actually have.  

Penny is a character much more troubled than we get to see at first. We get glimpses of some underlying issue, but it isn't until later that we get an idea of the darkness she carries. Jackson seems to remove the dull numbness that covered her life and gives her back feeling.....both good and bad.

Jackson is like an excited young pup, curious and with a sense of excitement about new things and an optimistic view. A bit of a court jester, that hides some deep rooted feelings of abandonment. He learns to contain himself a little for Penny's sake for fear of chasing her off and she seems to settle him, bringing a sense of peace.

In the background there are other connections being made that are important to the story and suggest that there will be follow up in future books. The supporting cast of characters, in particular Penny's ex-boxing champion father, was a delight to get to know. I would love the opportunity to see where this story leads me....

✨The bitter-sweet, taunting and twisting tale of loss, love and life.✨

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